German Special Forces Unit To Receive The .300 Blackout Variant Of The HK433



The German military, known as the Bundeswehr, has awarded a contract to firearms manufacturer Heckler & Koch for the production and delivery of a new special silenced weapon for its special forces units. This was reported by Hartpunk, an autonomous and impartial online platform, known for its daily news updates, in-depth reports, and expert articles in the fields of defence, security policy, and weaponry.

The contract, signed in February, is for a variant of the HK437 chambered in .300 Blackout, which will be introduced into service under the designation G39. There is no mentioned which special operations unit will be receiving the HK437.

HK437 02

The procurement process began in late 2022 with the aim of replacing the existing silenced version of the MP5 submachine gun, currently used by both special forces and long-range surveillance units. The Bundeswehr sought a more modern and powerful weapon to meet the evolving demands of the battlefield.

The new weapon is a semi-automatic rifle capable of engaging targets at distances of up to 200 meters. It is designed to be usable in various environments, including "over the beach" operations, and can be equipped with or without a silencer.

HK437 03

According to public sources as mentioned by Hartpunk, the unit will initially receive 176 G39 weapon systems. The Federal Office for Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and Use has stated that a total of 988 sets will be procured to equip the entire force.

The G39 is based on the HK437, a variant of the HK433 rifle specifically designed for the .300 Blackout calibre. It features a modified gas system, bolt, and magazines to optimize performance with this ammunition. The base HK437 weighs approximately 3.1 kg unloaded and has a retractable stock, making it compact for close-quarters combat.

HK437 04

Heckler & Koch is collaborating with Norwegian silencer specialist A-TEC to provide the G39 system. Signature reducers, also known as silencers, aim to mitigate the sound of gunfire and muzzle flash, protecting users' hearing, facilitating communication during combat, and making it harder for enemies to detect the shooter.

The silenced G39, superior to the MP5SD in both close-quarters and open areas, is ideal for German special forces due to its versatility and superior stopping power. The effective use of the G39 system relies on the precise coordination of its components to ensure reliable operation and meet stringent accuracy requirements.

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