Ed Brown's FX2 Is A Stainless Steel Commander For The Concealed Carry Market

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Ed Brown FX2

The Ed Brown FX2, a gleaming stainless-steel marvel, is turning heads in the hidden holster crowd. This cutting-edge pistol packs a punch with both edgy aesthetics and top-notch accuracy, reminding us why the classic 1911 platform remains a concealed carry favorite, especially in its shorter "Commander" form.

Distinctive details grab attention at first glance. The FX2's Industrial stainless finish boasts a rugged, distressed matte gray look. Slide serrations are uniquely shaped like the American flag, adding a touch of patriotism. Black G10 grips with an aggressive grip texture, "Snakeskin" checkering on the frontstrap and mainspring housing, and a recessed slide stop with a striated pin complete the bold look.

Ed Brown FX2 02

Designed for discreet carry, the FX2 strikes a balance between size and shootability. Its 7.88-inch frame packs a full-sized grip for better handling, allowing for the use of standard 8-round magazines. The 4.25-inch barrel keeps the overall length manageable at 7.88 inches, weighing in at 36.1 ounces.

Sights cater to both traditional and modern preferences. The AmeriGlo tritium front sight features a bright orange outline for quick acquisition in low light, while the Ed Brown rear sight offers a U-notch for precise aiming. The slide is also milled for seamless co-witnessing with a Trijicon RMRcc red-dot optic, a popular choice for faster target acquisition.

Ed Brown FX2 03

This red-dot sight is specifically designed for concealed carry, boasting a slim profile and lightweight build. Measuring less than an inch in both width and height, it sits low on the slide without adding bulk. Its durable construction promises to withstand the rigors of daily carry.

The FX2 isn't your average "Commander" - it's a modern take on a classic. Combining the shootability of a full-sized grip with the compactness of a shorter barrel, it offers the best of both worlds. This heritage, coupled with Ed Brown's renowned craftsmanship, makes the FX2 a premium choice for discerning concealed carriers.

Ed Brown FX2 04

However, exclusivity comes at a cost. The FX2's price tag may deter budget-conscious buyers. Its weight, while contributing to balance, might not be ideal for all-day carry. The standard 8-round magazine capacity might leave some desiring more, particularly for self-defense scenarios.

Despite these considerations, the Ed Brown FX2 stands as a testament to innovation within the beloved 1911 platform. Its blend of modern features, concealed carry practicality, and classic looks make it a compelling option for those seeking a premium, eye-catching pistol for self-defense or competition shooting.

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