Don't Miss Out: LaRue Tactical Releases the AccARizer Rail System

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LaRue AccARize

LaRue Tactical has taken on the challenge of updating a stockpile of Vietnam-era carbine-style rifles. These rifles, characterized by their fixed carry handles and A2 front sight posts, needed to be modernized without altering the existing receiver or barrel. The goal was to enable the attachment of contemporary accessories such as lights, lasers, and optics.

The solution is the LaRue AccARize (Accessory AR Riser). This lightweight accessory, weighing a mere 8.2 ounces, is crafted from the same aluminum used in advanced jet fighters. It serves as a testament to the innovative approach taken in this project.

LaRue AccARize 02

In contrast to conventional carry handle rails, which are typically short segments atop the carry handle or goosenecks situated between the irons and the handguard, the AccARizer stands out as a full-length rail. It secures itself to the carry handle via the mounting screw hole and substitutes the front sight with an additional screw mount.

The AccARizer offers versatility in accessory mounting. It accommodates M-Lok accessories at the 3 and 9 o'clock positions and features a full MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny Rail along the top.

LaRue AccARize 03


LaRue AccARize 04


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LaRue AccARize 06

This rail system breathes new life into older rifles with a fixed carry handle receiver, carbine length gas system, and A2 front sight post. It allows these rifles to be updated to accommodate modern accessories.

The installation of the AccARizer is straightforward and non-invasive. The provided hardware utilizes the existing mounting hole in the carry handle and replaces the front sight post. No permanent modifications to the firearm are required.

This upgrade is particularly beneficial for rifles on governmental and departmental loans, as it allows for modernization without significant alterations to the rifle's original configuration. Law enforcement or government agencies looking to update their armory can contact LaRue Tactical directly for bulk sales.

LaRue AccARize 07


LaRue AccARize 08LaRue AccARiz 09


LaRue AccARize 10

The rail also comes with pre-threaded holes for mounting iron sights. These 1911-style sights facilitate rapid target acquisition and engagement when no optic is mounted.

The AccARizer is available in various combo choices.

  • LT270L – Surefire Moun
  • LT272 – Surefire Scout Light Mount
  • LT661 – Aimpoint Micro Mount (Low)
  • LT752 – Surefire Scout Offset Mount
  • LT837 – RMR QD Mount

With its innovative design, lightweight construction, and ease of installation, the LaRue AccARizer is an ideal solution for modernizing Vietnam-era rifles without compromising their original configuration. 

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