Build Your Own Remote Rifle Aiming System With FPV Systems

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Demolition Ranch “Carbon Guardian Viewing System”

Before airsoft players have discussed having versions of the Corner Shot or the Hidesight systems for airsoft use. These systems allow you to be able to aim your rifle around corners or over obstacles without exposing a good portion of your body. These systems are ideal to use in room clearing since the risks of getting hit by a round is lesser when using these.

However, in airsoft, there was much debate if these, if there are products like this being sold for airsoft use, is that players may violate the no blindfire rule which is a rule put into place for safety purposes. Others point out that these systems still allow the shooter to know what he/she is shooting at and thus, not firing “blind”. Over time, the debate seems to have been muted given that we rarely read discussions on these over the years.

It might be revived again with this.

Demolition Ranch posted a video showing the “Carbon Guardian Viewing System” which is a camera and goggle system for remote viewing. The purpose of this system is the same as the Cornershot or the Hidesight, though it is more high-tech as a wireless camera mounted on the rifle transmits the video being recorded via the rifle sights/optics to a goggle worn by the shooter. Depending on the camera and goggle resolutions, viewing can be in High Definition and even 4K which means even more detailed viewing.

For drone enthusiasts, they will immediately point out that the “Carbon Guardian Viewing System” is actually a DJI Digital FPV System. This comprised of the Goggle which gives a 720p/120fps FPV HD Image for the viewer by receiving the realtime footage from the Air Unit which in this case is mounted on the rifle. FPV units are usually use by drone owners to have a “birds eyeview” with their drones and higher end units are usually bought by drone users for FPV racing. Of course, you need FPV controller to top it off but you won’t need it unless you want to control the rifle with it.

DJI Digital FPV System


If you use a Caddx Orca 4K HD Recording Mini FPV Camera, then you can get 4K footage for reviewing the action later. The DJI FPV allows for instant playback for the recorded footage so you can use the system as an intelligence gathering tool. Just sweep the area of fire with the rifle mounted camera then review immediately so you can spot potential areas where the enemy will be hiding or approaching from for and you can concentrate fire at those areas.

You can use it for remote sentry gun units as well so you can control sentry guns wirelessly and safely.

Sounds cool? If you are a drone enthusiast with an FPV system and an airsoft player at the same time, then it is no problem at all. It’s just being able to have rifle mounting systems for the Air Unit. If not, be prepared to spend more as the DJI Digital FPV System usually costs around US$700 to US$800. There are cheaper alternatives if you shop around.

Now, back to the airsoft blindfire debate that is now updated with this: is using an FPV system in airsoft violating the blindfire rule? What do you think?

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