Arius & Tim Host “Not The Nine O'Clock Pews” Podcast For Your Listening Pleasure


Not The Nine O'Clock Pews

Two familiar faces in the world of airsoft are doing a podcast series for the Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB) and the topics are interesting. Arius is part of the AMNB team and Tim of Airsoft Amigos and RWTV have been hosting the “Not the Nine O'Clock Pews” describing it as “a discussion podcast about everything Airsoft and Shooting related by two guys and their British accents.”

The podcast series started in February 2020 then went dormant when the Covid-19 pandemic but now it looks like on a regular programming since early. The hosts have covered some topics such as ghillie suits, airsoft teams, night games, and optics and hopefully they add more topics over the weeks and months. If you are fond of listening podcasts which I do when traveling, then I recommend that you give “Not the Nine O'Clock Pews” a go, especially during your free time.

I have embedded here the recent episodes so you can start listening to Arius and Tim. You can also listen on Spotify and follow them on Facebook where you can suggest topics that you want the duo to cover:






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