Airsoft Videos from Around the World


Here are some airsoft videos we have found at YouTube.com from around the world. We'll be featuring more videos during weekends from wherever we find them online. We would welcome video contributions or leads of interesting airsoft videos coming from airsoft teams. These can be airsoft skirmishes, documentaries, TV reports, humourous ones, and even video reviews and posted at online video sharing websites (such as Youtube.com). So enjoy the videos, and thanks to all those who posted these videos online and wanted to share these.


Czech Republic by vendelprdel

Croatia by BrziGonzales 

Finland by topi85 

France by docmorphe

Germany by Greenwater001 

Hong Kong by bronney

Japan by locationbankjp 

Macau by 0utbound 

New Zealand by ghost2

Philippines by FERFRANS


Poland by BoaASG 

Slovakia by destike 

Taiwan by mintseli 

United Kingdom by peterbruce2002

United States by airsoftpacific 


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