Tokyo Marui Colt Python Review By Airsoft Alamo


For lovers of airsoft revolvers, here is a quick review of the Tokyo Marui Colt Python done by Airsoft Alamo... "Hey everyone hope you enjoyed this review, like I said I'm looking to always improve on these so your input can actually help these develop in the future so drop a comment below letting me know what you thought of this."

Geonox Airsoft: The Worst Airsoft Revolver?


Geonox Airsoft goes over the Rayline G.36 Airsoft Revolver to find out if you should spend your money on it... "In this video I present the G.36 revolver from Rayline. It is a replica of a Colt Python with 6-inch barrel. The special thing about this revolver are the sleeves and the drum. The whole thing is operated with spring pressure. We look together at what the revolver can and cannot do."

Tokyo Marui Python 357 Speedloader Update


Tokyo Marui announce that release of the Speedloader for the Python 357 Revolver Series will be on the 13th of September... "The release date of the Speed ​​Loader .357 that is  exclusively for the Python airsoft revolver cartridge is decided on 13th September! Just push it into the cylinder, you can quickly load the cartridge loaded in the loader. The price is 1,280 yen!

Tokyo Marui Python PPC Custom 4-Inch


Soon to be released by Tokyo Marui is the Python .357mag PPC Custom 4" Black Revolver. Based om the revolver for the FBI Training Course, it has the heavy-feel like the PPC custom with large sights, extreme bull barrels. As this is an air cocking model it does not require any power source. Just by operating the hammer, it is ready to fire a BB at the pull of the trigger. It has BB shells for the revolver cylinder and also has a hop-up system.

Python Thermal Mask For Airsoft Gunners


Another promo video from Nexo Group as they are now taking pre-orders for the Python Thermal Mask they designed for airsoft use... "PRE-ORDER NOW your Python Thermal Mask with a deposit of just Euro 100. Please note that the delivery for the next 1000 customers will be free of charge."

Python Thermal Mask Release Date Announced


Alessio Bua of Nexo Group has a video about the release date of the Python Thermal Mask and it will be available for interested resellers and airsoft players from the 10th of November. The Python Thermal Mask, apart from its thermal imaging capabilities provides eye protection, and communications with an app that can be used for team coordination.

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