Silverback TAC-41P & Elite Force M110A1 At Amped Airsoft


Take your pick for your next Sniper Rifle or DMR once you're ready for milder weather conditions as both of these are available at Amped Airsoft... "Sniper or DMR? Spring time is right around the corner, which means more outdoor airsoft! The Silverback TAC 41P and Elite force M110A1 are great investments for outdoor play!

Who rocks one of these bad boys?"

PolarStar x Amped GOLD Edition Fusion Engine Back In Stock


For those who have been waiting for this HPA engine, Amped Airsoft is proud to announce that the PolarStar x Amped GOLD Edition Fusion Engine is back on their store shelves... "Looking to own a sweet high performance Fusion Engine and Rep Amped Airsoft at the same time? Check out this new collaboration between Amped Airsoft and PolarStar Airsoft!  This Fusion Engine comes with several of the industry leading pre-installed efficiency upgrades!

Lambda Defense MK48 MOD 0 At Amped Airsoft


The hefty AEG from Lambda Defense, the MK48 MOD 0 is available at Amped Airsoft... "Who likes big replicas? The Lambda Mk48 Mod 0 weighs at a staggering 19 lbs, and that's not even including the weight from the full 5000 round box mag! Tag someone who would run this!"


EMG Barrett Fieldcraft At Amped Airsoft


Another long rifle to consider, the EMG Barrett Fieldcraft can be ordered right now from Amped Airsoft. The Barrett Fieldcraft is a gas-powered airsoft sniper rifle that combines the realism of Barrett Firearms with the performance of EMG. It has a lightened receiver with fluted bolt and barrel, a featherweight trigger, and a specially designed stock for comfort and accuracy.

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