Lambda Defense MK48 MOD 0 At Amped Airsoft


The hefty AEG from Lambda Defense, the MK48 MOD 0 is available at Amped Airsoft... "Who likes big replicas? The Lambda Mk48 Mod 0 weighs at a staggering 19 lbs, and that's not even including the weight from the full 5000 round box mag! Tag someone who would run this!"


EMG Barrett Fieldcraft At Amped Airsoft


Another long rifle to consider, the EMG Barrett Fieldcraft can be ordered right now from Amped Airsoft. The Barrett Fieldcraft is a gas-powered airsoft sniper rifle that combines the realism of Barrett Firearms with the performance of EMG. It has a lightened receiver with fluted bolt and barrel, a featherweight trigger, and a specially designed stock for comfort and accuracy.

FN Herstal Pink P90 At Amped Airsoft


In stock at Amped Airsoft is an affordable licensed P90 AEG in Pink under the Softair brand with CYMA as OEM. The FN Licensed Airsoft P90 faithfully replicates the real P90's handling and ergonomics, featuring a fully ambidextrous control layout and a comfortable grip. Just like its real-world counterpart, the FN Licensed Airsoft replica boasts a durable reinforced polymer frame with a metal barrel and upper assembly.

Amped Airsoft's EA Fest 2023 Gameplay


Amped Airsoft were at the Extreme Airsoft Fest 2023 in Rhode Island and they have a video of the action... "We had a blast at Extreme Airsoft for their Annual EA Fest! Thank you to Extreme Airsoft for inviting us out, and thank you guys for coming out to support such an amazing event! We Loved meeting and hanging out with you guys!"

Specna Arms CORE Series At Amped Airsoft


Amped Airsoft are also stockists of Specna Arms, making the AEGs widely available on the Eastern Board of the U.S. an they have the Specna Arms CORE series available. They also have Amped Custom HPA-powered Specna Arms CORE which for those HPA as power source can check out... "Balling on a budget? Check out the Specna Arms CORE Series SBR! With it's high performance at a very low cost, it'll send you out on the field with confidence! Pick one up today!"

Casio G-Shock Watches Available At Amped Airsoft


Is there still a need to introduce the Casio G-Shock Series? These are some of the most affordable and toughest watches that airsoft players can rely, on or off the field and they are in stock at Amped Airsoft... "In need of a new watch that's built to last? We carry various styles of Casio G Shock watches to match your taste! Available in all colors and sizes!"


ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3A1 ATEK A1 Proline AEG At Amped Airsoft


Amped Airsoft got the ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3A1 ATEK A1 Proline AEG in FDE available at their online store. The AEG features a fiber-reinforced polymer receiver with a CNC machined metal outer barrel, flash hider, and barrel nut. It has a newly designed gearbox with quick-detach spring change capabilities and an electronically controlled ECU gearbox for improved battery and motor efficiency, as well as a crisp trigger response. 

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