AK105 Kochevnik AEG Replica #4


BEN en 3D feature the 3D Printed AK105 Kochevnik AEG with the design available online. A bullpup and a head-turner with its unique design. It’s equipped with a durshlag flash hider, lending it a formidable appearance. The assembly is possible for all versions, provided the replica is available. For the kit, it’s highly recommended to allow him to install the engine cage.

The BB Warrior Unboxes The CYMA AK105 AEG


The BB Warrior has released an unboxing video of the CYMA AK105 AEG, a product that can be found at most reputable retailers, including Evike.com. This AEG is notable for its stamped metal receiver and steel outer barrel, which is complemented by a steel flash hider. The receiver is riveted, and the gun features a synthetic folding stock for ease of use. The handguard is made of high-impact polymer, and there’s a side mount for AK-compatible scopes and optics.

AK105 Kochevnik Airsoft AEG #3


BEN and 3D show their 3D Printed AK105 Kochevnik AEG #3 in this bullpup project. They say the Kochevnik, is a head-turning custom AK105 bullpup conversion kit for your CM.047D airsoft gun. Choose from a kit with or without a mosfet, or opt for a complete replica built to your specifications. With a programmable mosfet, multiple firing modes, and a weight of around 4kg.

Mach Sakai On The S&T AK105 Sportsline


In this video review, Mach Sakai tests the S&T AK105 Sportsline, an affordable version of the AEG. The AK105 Sportsline is constructed with a variety of materials: the frame, hider, front sight, and gas block are made of nylon fiber, while the handguard and stock are made of ABS, and the upper, side rail, and rear sight are made of metal. The size of the AK105 Sportsline is approximately 830mm, which reduces to 600mm when the stock is folded. It weighs 2,460g and comes with a magazine that can hold 460 rounds.

AK105 Bullpup AEG Airsoft #2


Another presentation by Ben en 3D of a 3D printed AK105 Bullpup kit. FThis eye-catching custom AK105 "Kochevnik" bullpup conversion kit boasts a unique and divisive design, featuring a durshlag flash hider. The kit includes all components for installation on specific airsoft models, but requires irreversible modifications and technical expertise. For optimal performance, professional engine cage installation is recommended.

3D Printed AK105 Custom Bullpup AEG Project Part 1


BEN and 3D shows his 3D Printed AK105 Custom Bullpup AEG and you can find his 3D printed airsoft projects at his website... " This is not a weapon but a toy intended for airsoft. First video to talk about a Custom Bullpup based on AK105 made by BENen3D."

LCT AK105 Electric Blowback + HPA Stoner 63 Gameplay


Gameplay video by Airsoft Alfonse showing the LCT AK105 Electric Blowback and a Wolverine Stoner 63 in action... "Definitely Not Cringe LCT AK105 Electric Blowback + Wolverine HPA Stoner 63 Airsoft Gameplay! Location - New Mexico Tech Playas Training & Research Center - Playas New Mexico.

Special thanks to my friends for helping me out and letting barrow AK105  & Stoner 63 when my mk48 went down for the weekend 10 minutes into the game!"

A Cardboard AK105 That Kinda Works


Perhaps you've watched carboard warfare but the cardboard guns are mere cut-outs. But in this video made by the "My Name Suck" channel on YouTube, it has actual moving parts and it's not flat like the cut-outs. Unfortunately it does not shoot which would have been awesome like the woodcarved G28 we featured here before.

GHK AK105 Alpha With Full Travel Kit


Kakasi Tactical brings to the field the GHK AK105 Gas Blowback Rifle that has been fitted with the W&S FulL Travel Kit. With the travel kit, the bolt travel distance has been imroved from 85mm to 115mm resulting and event better kick. It is made of steel and can be easily installed on the GBB rifle and this also includes a reinforced hammer.

Here is the list of the additional improvements to this rifle:

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