A Cardboard AK105 That Kinda Works


Perhaps you've watched carboard warfare but the cardboard guns are mere cut-outs. But in this video made by the "My Name Suck" channel on YouTube, it has actual moving parts and it's not flat like the cut-outs. Unfortunately it does not shoot which would have been awesome like the woodcarved G28 we featured here before.

GHK AK105 Alpha With Full Travel Kit


Kakasi Tactical brings to the field the GHK AK105 Gas Blowback Rifle that has been fitted with the W&S FulL Travel Kit. With the travel kit, the bolt travel distance has been imroved from 85mm to 115mm resulting and event better kick. It is made of steel and can be easily installed on the GBB rifle and this also includes a reinforced hammer.

Here is the list of the additional improvements to this rifle:

Lancer Tactical AK105 At Airsoft GI


Cisco goes over the Lancer Tactical Stamp Steel AK105 AEG that is available at Airsoft GI if it can give a competition against its CYMA rival in terms of quality and affordability... "I get it! We are Lancer Tactical Shills! Get over it! Anyways, these new Lancer Tactical Stamp Steel AKs are actually really good! With all of the features, you would think this gun has a $300+ price tag!

Landwarrior Airsoft: SLR Airsoftworks AK105


The SLR Airsoft Works AK105 AEG that is produced by DYTAC is now in stock at Land Warrior Airsoft... "Land Warrior Airsoft now have in stock the DYTAC Airsoftworks SLR AK105 AEG! These electric airsoft rifles are officially licensed by Rifleworks SLR exclusively by DYTAC, produced under the brand name Airsoftworks SLR.

AUDI RS6 x AK105 Tactical GBB Rifle


Marry your passion for cars with your passion for airsoft with this Bunny Custom AUDI RS6 x AK105 Tactical GBB Rifle from Bunny Workshop. This is based on the GHK AK105 GBB Rifle which is given a Cerakote AUDI RS6 Pattern coating. It comes kitted with an Asura Dynamics B10 Tactical Rail, Asura Dynamics Ar Stock Adapter Gen 2, Asura Dynamics Tactical AK Selector, and Asura Dynamics Tactical Gas Tube Rail.

Bunny Custom GHK AK105 GBB Rifle


This probably is something you want for your hard-earned money. Just drop a message to Bunny Workshop either at their website or Facebook Page on how to get one their Bunny Custom GHK AK105 Gas Blowback Rifles. This has the Cerakote Fighter Camo treatment, Magpul UBR Stock, US Palm AK Battle Grip, Asura Dynamics AK Stock Adaptor Gen2 with Stock Tube, and Midwest Industries AK M-Lok Handguard.



Another custom work Taiwan NO13 ZNTC style tactical kit and stock. Called the NO13 Taiwan ZNTC Style LCT AK105 AEG this is custom gun has the LCT Airsoft AK-105 as the base body and kitted out with all the Zenitco replicas to make look like a PMC airsoft gun including the side mount for optics and full rail system to mount other weapons accessories. Price is US$732.25 with free shipping from Taiwan.

E&L AK105 Full Review by Booligan


Booligan previously released an overview and internal review of this AK105 AEG made by E&L Airsoft and supplied by Jag Precision, and now here's his full review... "Full metal AKs are a dime a dozen these days, with some very decent options out there for not too much coin. But this is one of only a few full steel constructed models, and it seriously is one of the better looking AKs that I've come across. The finish is really dead on for a real AK, and the thing feels perfect in your hands.



It's Thailand versus Taiwan this time for CRW-Airsoft as he compares two airsoft guns made by SERS (Thailand) and GHK (Taiwan). The guns are the SERS AK104 AEG and the GHK AK105 which Eddie says are both of steel construction with the SERS being the heavier one. He also noticed that SERS is more realistic in design as compared to the GHK one. Find out more how both of these airsoft manufacturers make their guns in the video below.

E&L AK105 Overview & Internal Review


Jag Precision is now the distributor and wholeseller of E&L Airsoft products in the USA and they sent Booligan Airsoft the E&L AK105 AEG to go over. Let's find out how Booligan finds this AEG as he goes to the internals in this video... "E&L is a new airsoft manufacturer specializing in AK replicas. Jag precvision is bringing these amazing AK replicas into the US, and they wanted me to check one of them out! Let's open this pretty lady up and see how she ticks!"

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