BATON BH-USP Tactical CO2 GBB At First Japan


A new CO2-powered USP Tactical Blowback Pistol From Baton Airsoft is available at First Japan and here is an overview video they made... "This is Maido Taketchi. I opened the newly released [BATON airsoft BH-USP Tactical CO2GBB] on 8/20 and asked Ko-chan to review it. Blowback is also quite strong. I'm honestly happy that the lineup of CO2 that operates stably regardless of the season will increase.

Hyperdouraku At The 8th SVG Unlimited


Hyperdouraku went to Nara Prefecture last 19 April to attend the 8th SVG Unlimited hosted by First Japan Airsoft Shop. It looks like a fun event with around 200 people attending the event with skirmishes, airsoft parlor games, and raffle prizes. Itsuya was there too to grace the event which was particpated in by other groups such as Laylax.

SVG Unlimited Volume 6 Report


Last weekend, the 4th of May 2013, the 6th installment of SVG Unlimited was held. Sponsored by one of the bigger and better known airsoft shops in Japan, First Japan, there were over 300 participants for this event. What even made their day were the beautiful plays by beautiful female participants. I guess we are playing in the wrong airsoft fields.

Read the report and more photos of this event at Military Blog Japan. (In Japanese)

A Look At Tactical Tailor's PenCott Line-up


Posted at Hyde Definition are the PenCott line-up from Tactical Definition as seen by FIRST Japan and Rag Industries. These are in a photo sets showing the different products such as the Fight Light Plate Carrier, MAV, Operator Packs, and Pouches and how these would like on PenCott Combat Clothing in this case, the PenCott Green Zone.

See all the photos at Hyde Definition.

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