LSRT Airsoft's TACSIM La Fundición Highlights


Footage from LSRT Airsoft about the event they participated last July 2023... "On July 29 we were invited to play a TACSIM at La Fundificación and we were more than delighted to go and live in first person the experience that we had seen so much on social networks or had been told about and it certainly did not disappoint, it is a type of game that If you like role-playing and tactical simulation, you definitely have to try it."

TacSim Interview with One Grunt's Opinion


During Mind Game Production's Operation Sovereign Fury, Mad Max Mullen of Tactical Milsim, interviews Darkhorse of One Grunt's Opinion. Darkhores discusses about veterans suffering from PTSD and how airsoft would really help. He also calls out on fellow veterans who play airsoft to come out and tell their stories so he can document these and present it to the VA for more research funding on PTSD.

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