Vinc Full Custom HK416A5 AEG Test


Timerzanov Airsoft gets to test a full custom HK416A5 AEG done by Vinc to see how it performs in this video... "Hi there ! For this new special video I offer you the presentation of Vinc's HK416A5, this video will give you an idea of what it is possible to do with a 416A5 base from Umarex. This fully customized in-house replica is assembled by Vinc himself.

Elite Force HK416A5 Competition AEG At Airsoft Atlanta


The Elite Force HK416A5 Competition AEG in black and tan colours is in stock right now at Airsoft Atlanta... "The HK416A5 M4 AEG. A fully licensed airsoft gun from HK/Elite Force 0 Competition model 2022. This is part of Elite Force's competition line, high end steel gears, and robust gearbox.  Comes in Tan or Black.

Parts compatibility is assumed to be V2 but has yet to be confirmed.

ASG Olsztyn's VFC HK416A5 GBBR Review


The 2022 edition of the VFC HK416A5 Gas Blowback Rifle is given the scrutiny by ASG Olsztyn. We believe this has the new V3 firing pin and sports the RAL8000 colour that players prefer on their HK416 airsoft rifles. The gas magazine has a capacity of 30 BB rounds and weighs 2.8kg and an overall length of 780-880mm.

AirSix TV: Umarex/VFC Heckler & Koch HK416A5 AEG


AirSix TV, the South Korean Airsoft channel, checks out the popular HK416A5 AEG from Umarex that is manufactured by VFC. This AEGs comes in the distinct RAL8000 colour scheme and has an intergrated MOSFET. It comes with a 320-BB round high capacity AEG magazine and is fully ambixtrous in operation.

Umbrella Armory 416A5 CQB AEG Gameplay


Airsoft Alfonse's CQB game play takes place in an abandoned high school in Burlington, Iowa hosted by MiR Tactical. Used in the game is an Umbrella Armory UA 416A5 CQB AEG in bronze which is based on a VFC 416... "The three-story Classic Revival apollo school has 203,235 square feet of space and sits atop the west hill bluff overlooking downtown Burlington.

Tokyo Marui MK46 Recoil Shock & 416A5 Airsoft Gameplay


Airsoft Alfonse again brought the Tokyo Marui MK46 NGRS and an HK416A5 for a game at an abandoned high school... "The three-story Classic Revival apollo school has 203,235 square feet of space and sits atop the west hill bluff overlooking downtown Burlington. Thousands of Burlingtonians were educated in the structure during its long life as a school first the city’s primary public high school (1910-1970), then as Apollo Middle School (1970-1983) and finally as the alternative high school.

REAPERs Airsoft: Cyma/Umarex HK416 A5 Sportsline 2022 S-AEG


Affordable S-AEG (German Spec), Cyma/Umarex HK416 A5 Sportsline 2022, gets reviewed by REAPERs Airsoft... "Hey guys, in this video we put the H&K 416A5 Sportsline S-AEG (airsoft gun) from Cyma/Umarex through its paces.

This Airsoft is a cheap Airsoft with Heckler & Koch license, quick spring change and ETU/Mosfet. Compared to the VFC version (aluminium), the Sportsline is made of robust polyamide plastic."

Airsoft Sports: East Crane HK416 A5 EC-111-UP AEG


Available at Airsoft Sports is the East Crane HK416 A5 EC-111-UP AEG. This AEG comes with improvements such as steel cylinder, aluminium cylinder head, aluminium nozzle with o-ring, piston with steel comb and damper, and authentic markings on the body... "A brief overview of the airsoft drive (East Crane) HK416 A5 EC-111-UP. You can buy and get acquainted with more detailed technical characteristics on our website."

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