Airsoft Innovations 40 Mike & Master Mike 40mm Shells


Mokei Paddock goes over two of the more recent offerings from Airsoft Innovations, the 40 Mike and the Master Mike 40mm shells. These have the Quantum Drive Technology but what are the differences? Watch the video to find out and determine which one meets your needs.

Refactor Tactical 40MM Grenade Pouch


Available now at the Refactor Tactical is their new 40mm Grenade Pouch... "The RE Factor Tactical 40mm Grenade Pouch (Patented), is designed to allow the user quick access to 37mm and 40mm grenades. The pouch offers a unique design that gives grenadiers rapid deployment capabilities. The pouch can be mounted to a belt or MOLLE panel as needed.

V3 Mandalorian Airsoft 40mm Grenade Launcher Quick Overview


For The Mandalorian fans in airsoft, here is a quickk overview of 40mm airsoft grenade launcher based on the The Mandalorian's Vambrace. Designed for weapons to counter Jedis and other enemies, these range from grappling hooks to flame throwers so versatile weapon. But for airsoft, it's a 40mm BB shower. 6mm Mandalorian shows the contraption he made.

Avengers Aluminum 40mm Mosquito Mold Style Launcher


MT Airsoft does a quick video review of the Avengers Aluminum 40mm Mosquito Mold Style airsoft grenade launcher. Made of alloy, it is readily mountable on all 20mm rails, it accepts most 40mm gas shell grenades, and can be fired using the rear trigger or side triggers.

Airsoft Panzerfaust 60 40mm Review


Neo035 gets an airsoft anti-tank weapon made by 419LAB, a 3D Printed Panzerfaust 60 that uses the 40mm Gas Grenade Shell. This is based omn the Panzerfaust that was used by the Germans in World War II. For now, this is only delivered to customs in Europe... "Welcome to this video presentation of the Panzerfaust 60 in 3D from 419lab!"

ASG 40MM Gas Grenade Shell Review


Airsoft Review en Español takes a look at a 40mm Gas Grenade from Action Sport Games (ASG). This has a 90-BB round capacotu and can be easily loaded with or withour a speedloader. Mainly made of metal with a Gold tip, it can be powered with Green Gas, Red Gas or Propane.

Airsoft Innovations New Master Mike


Following in the footsteps of the controversial 40 Mike 40mm Gas Grenade Shell, Airsoft Innovations announce the Master Mike and it will be on display at the SHOT Show 2019... "We've been showing off the exciting NEW Master Mike 40mm shell at ShotShow 2019 and now you too can see what it's all about!

Visit us at the Valken booth #3826 to see it in the flesh!"

MSR 40mm Airsoft Grenade Round


Wolfpack Airsoft Michigan show the MSR 40mm Airsoft Grenade Round which they say is better than the TAGInn rounds from Russia. This one is made in the USA and be found at Tactical Airsoft Combat Simulations... "This is a brand new airsoft round! Its saver and potentially better then the taggin rounds. I personally have fallin in love with this new round being produced."

MAG 40mm Shell With The ICS MGL


Mach Sakai tests the 40mm Gas Grenade Shell from MAG with the ICS Airsoft MGL. The MAG 40mm can be loaded with 120 rounds of 6mm plastic BBs and with the ICS Airsoft MGL, six shells can be fired one aftet the other. Find out that range of the BBs as well as the performance of the MGL with the MAG shells.

SKWAirsoft: TEE 40mm Airsoft Grenade


Now in stock at SKW Airsoft is the TEE 400 MM Airsoft Grenade with option to buy a package with the TEE Fast Loader. Made in Itsly, this has an 84 BB capacity with a safety cup system for transportation. It has interchangeable heads for different ammo types such as paintball and Nerf which will be available soon as well as it can be compatibke with the soon to be available TEE Mortar. It can also be used with any airsoft 40mm grenade launcher in the market.

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