How To Use A Thunder V2 Sound Grenade


A quick tutorial from Valken showing you how to use their Valken Thunder V2 CO2 Sound Simulation Grenade... "The Valken Thunder V2 Co2 Sound Simulation Grenade Core is the next generation of Valken Thunder V sound grenades. This airsoft simulation grenade core is powered by a single 12g Co2 cartridge, and emits noise only when used in conjunction with a single use shell (sold separately).

Valken SMG Magazine Adapter For ASL Series


An overview of the Valken SMG Magazine Adapter for ASL Series AEGs that is available at their online store and other Valken Airsoft resellers... "The Valken SMG Adapter for the Valken ASL Series AEG is constructed of durable hard polymer material and lightweight. This 6mm AEG magazine adapter fits any Valken ASL airsoft gun allowing the Valken submachine gun airsoft magazines to work inside a normal M4 airsoft rifle magazine well.

Valken Airsoft 2021 ASL AEGs


Here is a quick round-up of the new ASL AEGs for 2021 from Valken Airsoft with the Kaiju himself presenting.. "In this video, we show you the new Valken 2021 ASL AEG rifles! Check out these 4 new looks for these airsoft rifles:

0:52​ - Valken ASL Echo AEG Rifle (Black & 2-tone Black/Tan)
1:20​ - Valken ASL Romeo AEG Rifle (Black)
1:48​ - Valken ASL Foxtrot45 AEG Rifle (Black)"

Geonox Airsoft: Valken ASL+ Hi-Velocity Whiskey


The Valken Airsoft AEGs are available in Germany and Geonox Airsoft goes over the Valken ASL+ Hi-Velocity Whiskey... "In this video I show you the Valken ASL + Hi-Velocity Whiskey. Since the name is so much too long, I just call it Valken Whiskey. There are questions that I am asked several times a day, for example which pistol can you recommend? Which rifle under 0.5J can you recommend? Which rifle over 0.5J can you recommend.

Valken ASL Sleeper Budget Build Upgrade


Another upgrade project by The Real Deal Airsoft, working on the Valken ASL AEG to give it a snappier trigger response... "Welcome back guys! Today we are doing a 'Sleeper Build' for my buddy Nico. On the outside you may assume its just another regular airsoft M4...

Until you hear the trigger response, and find out it has been UPGRADED by Jake, from The Real Deal Airsoft

We achieve a snappy trigger response and FIX his Auto on Semi issue.

Build List:

Valken Brand Ambassador Program Announced


Valken got their brand ambassador program up following companies such as RedWolf Airsoft, ICS Airsoft, and Specna Arms (who else?). Watch the video to find out how you can become a brand ambassadord and what perks come with being one... "Valken Brand Ambassador Welcome Video. Overview of the Brand Ambassador and Affiliate Program."

Valken ASL Mod L At The Airsoft Station


Anthony gives us the rundown on the Valken ASL Mod L AEG that is available at the Airsoft Station... "Valken prides itself on producing high performance airsoft guns with long range accuracy, and creating extremely accurate replicas of models held in high regards by military and law enforcement.

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