Secutor Arms Gladius Magna Coming Soon


SKW Airsoft announce an upcoming airsoft pistol from Secutor Arms, the Gladius Magna... "Gladius reinvents itself and launches its high-end replica called MAGNA, a pistol made in Taiwan by LEAD CHIH (the company responsible for other Secutor models such as Rudis, Ludus or Bellum) and in collaboration with, Maple Leaf, the prestigious brand of hop-ups, which make MAGNA an incredible evolution of the Gladius series."

Gladius Acta Non Verba Shoot Tests


Antre du Dingo Dingchavez follows through on his review of the Acta Non Verba Blowback Pistol from Secutor Arms with a shooting test. This pistol which can be CO2 or Gas Powered has a double spring guide and comes with a winter nozzle to reduce power in warm conditions. It is also ready for RMR sights.

Secutor Gladius Acta Non Verba Review


The latest in the Secutor Arms Gladius series, the Acta Non Verba, gets reviewed by Antre du Dingo Dingchavez... "Almost 18 months after having released the Gladius17 series, Secutor now sell a new "Acta Non Verba" model. They made a few improvements so let's check this out ! Thanks a lot to 020magazine for sending me the gun."

Hyperdouraku: VFC Avalon Gladius AEG


The premium Avalon Gladius DX from VFC gets the scrutiny of Yas in this Hyperdouraku review.  This has the extendable QRS stock and comes with a 120 round mid-cap QRS maagzine. The flash hider can be removed so you can install a 14mm CW suppressor. It uses the KeyMod rail system and has an Urban Grey paintjob.

Read the full review here and below is the video overview:

Secutor Gladius "Acta Non Verba" Pre-Order


SKWAirsoft send in news that pre-orders for the Secutor Gladius "Acta Non Verba" Blowback Pistols are now being accepted... "'Hunter' is the meaning of my name "When the Secutor speaks, the enemy is silenced" I was born with my sword, the gladius, on Roman sands as a gladiator, and my spirit remains today on hand-to-hand combat. The gladius once was the most feared short-distance weapon, nowadays the gun has claimed its throne.

0'20 Magazine: VFC Avalon Gladius AEG


First appearing during the IWA Outdoor Classics 2017 last March, Vega Force Company (VFC) got a new member in their Avalon premium line of airsoft guns. The VFC Avalon Gladius is available in Black and Urban Gray, comes with a gun case, has ECS inside, and has an initial muzzle speed of 100m per second. 0'20 Magazine got their hands on one of the units for this quick video review:

AEX Weekly Specials & Tactical Xmas Stocking


It's time for the Airsoft Extreme Weekly Specials again. And if you want to be Maximus Aurelius this Christmas, they have the Cold Steel Gladius Training Sword in stock. As part of the Christmas tradition, the multicam tactical stocking is back for Santa to fill up with tactical goodies. Of course, the latest Skirmish Report video is now online.


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