Tom's Airsoft Channel: PTS Magpul PDR-C AEG


A look back at the Magpul PDR-C AEG from PTS Syndicate. This is now hard to find at airsoft retailers and if you can find one it is probably in a second hand condition. Tom's Airsoft Channel reviews this AEG which is the only production PDR-C as this was a stillborn project of Magpul and never got developed into a real world firearm as only a prototype was made.

Tom's Airsoft Channel: KWA QRF Mod 1, PTS PDR-C & Bolt MK18 TBS


It's a 3 for 1 in this episode of Tom's Airsoft Channel as he gives an overview of the following new and not so new AEGs, the KWA QRF Mod 1, PTS PDR-C and Bolt MK18 TBS... "Hey guys, today there’s a different kind of unboxing. I will show you several models that do not get direct unboxing. There will probably only be a small video about the Bolt and the PDR-C.

Greetings Tom"

PTS PDR-C With Wolverine Reaper


CQB Junkie tests a PTS Magpul PDR-C that has been kitted with the Wolverine Airsoft Reaper... "New Airsoft Gameplay at Helenaveen in the Netherlands. One of the best cqb indoor fields and always fun to play there. With a custom build of a friend of mine (ST Solutions) I had the chance to test out his project. The Wolverine Reaper this beast is really to rock n roll in cqb fields."

PTS Syndicate Magpul PDR-C Disassembly


Still remember the PTS Syndicate Magpul PDR-C Compact Personal Defence Rifle? Here is showing how to disassemble this compact AEG... "In this Disassembly video, I will be taking a part the Magpull PDR-C Airsoft version. I really love this weapon, because it's realy compact and great for CQB..."

PTS PDR-C Extended Grip Gameplay


A video from LevelCap Gaming with his Magpul PTS PDR-C. It's been sometime now that we have heard about the PDR-C used in a game and here, he gives a walkthrough of the enhancements he made od the AEG, such as the Extended Grip which allows one to install a longer battery. Of course, you get to see of it action as a gameplay footage is also included.

PDR-C PolarStar Fusion Engine Breakdown


A more compact AEG gets the PolarStar treatment from Bingo Airsoftworks... "The latest Magpul PDR-C conversions from Bingo Airsoftworks. PDR #20 for Mark Jacobson. It's a sniper PDR with a 800mm deep fire barrel. Uses a dual-stage trigger. PDR #22 for Roman Mekdara, also using a dual-stage trigger, upgraded with Steelbull 6.03 and Maple Leaf bucking.

MKM Barrel Nut Key& PDR-C Grip Extension


Soon to be released are two products from PTS Syndicate. The first one is the new PTS Barrel Nut Key for the PTS Mega Arms MKM AR15 GBB which will allow you to remove or install the barrel nut of the GBB-R using a normal spanner. The second one is the PDR-C Pistol Grip Extenstion that gives you more storage and extending the battery compartment by 22mm with secure snap lock and vented base.

Spartan117gw The Armory Episode 3


We have Greg Wong aka "Spartan117gw" back with the third episode of his "The Armory" where he reviews the PTS Syndicate PDR-C PDW which is fully licensed from Magpul. Many are already familiar with the PDR-C with reviews already out there, but there are some points that he raises to help you shoot with it properly and see him go over the fine external details of this AEG based on a real steel rifle design that never got into production at Magpul.

BlackOps Airsoft: Lupus PDR-C HydroDip


Here's another fine custom work from Black Ops Airsoft where they customised a PTS PDR-C AEG sent in by a customer from Hawaii in Lupus Camo . If you are not familiar with Lupus Camo pattern, it is a pattern made by the Orion Design Group (ODG) which is their transitional camouflage pattern entry for the US Army Camouflage Improvement Effort.

So what do you think of this work from Black Ops Airsoft?

Gunfire PTS PDR-C Review & New Items


If you are not going to spend your weekend shooting it out with your mates, or spending all those BBs in your magazines, then time to do some online surfing and check out all of those airsoft products available for you. Gunfire are ready for you this weekend as they have loads of products now in stock from Modify, Jing Gong, KJ Works, Specna Arms, GFC, and the company which-must-not-be-named.

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