Pandora Rebirth Event By MiR Tactical


MiR Tactical are taking bookings for their Pandora Rebirth Event that will take place next month... "Our Pandora Rebirth event is coming this June 4th & 5th, 2022! Join us for a great airsoft event in the Midwest. The Mir Tactical store will be on location with excellent deals! Come join us today."

MiR Tactical Operation Blacklist 2022 Video Footage


MiR Tactical held their Operation Blacklist last month at the Sheboygan Asylum in Wisconsin and here is their video taken from the event... "Where you at our latest event in Sheboygan? Let us know in the comments down below! If not, we got you covered. Check out this footage and start thinking of joining in on the fun next year!"

Elite Force 1911 Tac Legacy Pistol At MiR Tactical


A best seller from Elite Force is their 1911 series and you can find these at MiR Tactical. Slex talks about the series in this video... "The Elite Force 1911A1 and TAC are some of the most dependable and affordable full metal CO2 pistols for airsoft available here in North America. If you need a backup sidearm, this one's a great one to look into and here at Mir Tactical we have all the different styles and colors!"

Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa vs ICS Hi-Capa Challenger


Which airsoft Hi-Capa pistol would you get? The reigning Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa GBB Pistol or ICS Airsoft's Hi-Capa Challenger? Watch this video from MiR Tactical... "Come join Slex at Mir Tactical in our video today comparing two very hi end Hi Capa Pistols. The Tokyo Marui vs The ICS Challenger. Which one would you choose?"

MiR Tactical: KWA LM4 VS VM4 Airsoft Comparison


Find out the differences between the LM4 and VM4 from KWA in this MiR Tactical video... "Slex checks out the LM4 and VM4 platforms and we get to see the difference between these two amazing guns. They are very alike but one's electric, and one's gas.. Comment below which one you would run in your loadout!"

MiR Tactical: GATE Titan MOSFET


MiR Tactical talks about the greatest upgrade for your AEG, by using the GATE Titan drop-in MOSFET kit... "TITAN (drop-in MOSFET) will transform your AEG into an advanced training weapon system. Gain a tactical advantage thanks to the extremely fast trigger response, with an option of adjusting the AEG for each mission with 20 functions. Give your AEG a new lease of life!

TITAN gives you the option to adjust:

CO2 vs. Green Gas In Airsoft


Which do you prefer when using gas as a power source for airsoft? Is it CO2 or Green Gas? What's the advantage of one over the other? Slex touches on this topic in this MiR Tactical video... "The every day question, we get here at Mir Tactical is CO2 better then green gas? Finally Slex put it to the test."

What Glock Is The Right Glock For You?


Slex of MiR Tactical helps you on this one in this video... "First make sure to watch this whole video to go through our whole Glock selection we have here at MiR Tactical. Also learn what Glock fits your player design to a T. Keep watching for more fun with Slex."

"Stop Using Crappy BBs"


Slex advises everyone to not just get some BBs for their airsoft guns, but to get quality ones that don't ruin the internals, jam the gun, or even shatter on impact. As always, he'll recommend MiR Tactical for your quality BB needs... "MiR Tactical only carries the best quality BBs, from Elite Force, G&G, Action Sport Games and HPA. We have the best BBs at the lowest prices! Tracers included!"

MiR Tactical Operation Blacklist


A two-day event by MiR Tactical called Operation Blacklist will take place on the 9th-10th April 2022 in Wisconsin... "The asylum has a long and storied past. it has been host to chemical weapon manufacturing, illegal testing on humans, nuclear testing, and much more.

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