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A batch of new releases have landed at eHobby Asia and you'll like them. They got the new ShowGuns Kingsman Pistol Shotgun, the 2017 HTs-14 from Hephaestus Airsoft, and the WE Samurai Edge V2 B.Burton GBB. Other arivals are the G&P WOC Extreme BattleRail 9" PDW GBB, SRU Advanced Grip and the INFORCE APL Gen3 Auto Pistol Light.

Don't forget about their Professional Gear Sale too as it is ongoing right now.

Hephaestus Railed Gas Tubes For GHK AKs


This video from RogueSystem087 was posted last December and shows the various railed gas tubes for the GHK AK Gas Blowback Rifles. Made by Hephaestus Airsoft, the company usually cooperates with GHK for upgrades or unique airsoft projects. There are three versions made for the AMD65, AKS74U and AKM/AK105/AKS74 GBBs.

Hephaestus Custom T21 GBB Review


Here's the first review of the Hephaestus Custom Project T done by Bunny Workshop's ThisIan. This is a limited edition Gas Blowback TAR 21 Rifle which uses the GHK gas blowback system with lots of CNC'd parts. On Green Gas and 0.20g BBs, this has an initial muzzle velocity of around 340-360fps. Available in Black and Olive Drab, price is US$620.00 and in stock right now at Bunny Workshop.

Hephaestus Custom GHK AK Tactical GBBR


For AK users, this custom gun made by Hephaeustus Airsoft makes it a more ambidextrous shooting platform with ambidextrous features.The grip is fitted is also fitted with the ambi-selector which according to them, would not obstruct the trigger finger for left handed shooting. Sounds good to us.



Another look at the Hephaestus Custom Tavor Gas Blowback Bullpup Airsoft Rifle and this time it's Martin from Hong Kong Off The Grid (HKOTG) doing the presentation with Declan behind the camera. What he holds in the video is the prototype version, but a full working production version will be seen at the end of the video so better watch the full length of the video.

Hephaestus Custom Project T Sneak Peek


A gas blowback Tavor! That's what Project T of Hephaestus Airsoft is all about as shown by eHobby Asia in this video. We don't know what body they are using as two companies make the Tavor AEG, S&T and Ares Airsoft. The sneak peek shows it being fired in action and no information how far they are in the project.

Hephaestus KSC/KWA MP9 GBB Holster


Just announced by Hephaestus is the new Hephaestus KSC/KWA MP9 GBB Holster. Designed initially for the right handed shooter, this is made of lightweight, high density polymer frame. It has a secure locking mechanism that facilitates fast drawing and auto-lock re-holstering. This is suitable for KSC/KWA MP9 GBB series with foregrip or bottom rail and compatible with BLACKHAWK! platforms.

Hephaestus Custom Type 97 GBB Rifle


Previously reported by HKOTG TV, now the Hephaestus guys give us a bit more information on thei custom Type 97 Gas Blowback Rifle... "Custom-built from Type 97 AEG using tailor-made WA-compatible GBB system. Project not completed yet, will be further revised and change to GHK GBB system for better performance. Please stay tuned for further updates."

Hot Airsoft Sniper Rifle at eHobby Asia


As we go into the weekend, here is a good list of new items that are now in stock eHobby Asia. Starting with their own custom EAC Low Profile AEG based on an APS AEG, they also have a PTS Tactical Shotgun System.  In terms of airsoft pistols, you might be interested in the Inokatsu Colt M1911 Military 100th Anniversary Vintage and CO2-powered and the A.P.S. CO2 Action Combat Carbine Pistol ACP603.

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