Airsoft Barracks Noob Day 2022


Combat Casual Airsoft got some footage of what took place during the Airsoft Barracks 4th Annual Noob Day at took place in Jacksonville, Florida. As its title says, this event is more of formal way to introducing newbies to airsoft... "Airsoft Gameplay from Noob Day hosted by Airsoft Barracks. Noob Day is a yearly event held by Airsoft Barracks where your +1 gets in for free. Here's some gameplay from the day that had 300+ players registered."

Team Blacksheep: Custom VFC Builds From Airsoft Barracks


Team Blacksheep writes about custom VFC builds done by Airsoft Barracks in Florida... "Now if you want an experienced Airsoft Shop to do the work for you then you are in luck, many shops can do the work but you need to go to the more experienced locations that have a proven track record of High FPS builds, Range and Performance with a store to back it up. Going to Airsoft Barracks located in Jacksonville, FL will be your best bet.

Airsoftology: Krytac CRB Build Challenge


Jonathan Higgs announces a new series at Airsoftology called the "Build Challenge" with Airsoft Barracks being the first to  be challenged... "Were launching our new series, 'The Build Challenge' where we send off stock airsoft guns to retailers around the globe and challenge them to build the most insane custom rifles possible.

Bravo Airsoft Rail Mounted BB Shield


New video from Airsoftology shows the Bravo Airsoft Rail-Mounted BB Shield. This is an even better design as it can be used for other type of scopes since other BB-shields that we saw are mainly for EOTech types. It's also a flip-up shield so you can just flip it down when it gets dirty and you can see a thing. The shield itself is long enough to even cover that T1 sight mounted on a riser.

LiPo Battery "C Rating" Explained


How do you explain how the Lipo Battery "C" Rating works? You'll need a faucet, a garden hose, and a firetruck. The latest tech tip of Airsoftology explains the rating without any Lipo Battery with them. Two Jonathans --- Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology and Jonathan Houston of Airsoft Barracks did it in a way that even a 5-year old will understand.

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