Airsoft Charleston: Airsoft Night Game AEG Setup


Airsoft Charleston shows how he set up his AEG for night games... "Is it important to setup your AEG for night time play? At Airsoft Charleston, we like to think so, and here's how I setup my VFC Avalon Mk18. If you're in the lowcountry of South Carolina, don't forget that Airsoft Charleston has a monthly night game, the Saturday before the full moon (but always check our facebook page for weather updates and further information!)"

Build A Night Game Ready Airsoft Rifle


So what is a night game ready airsoft rifle? In this video from the Gun Gamers, Kylie talks about this. Should it be with night vision gadgets and stuff? Find out below... "This week on Gun Gamers, Kyle discusses how to build a night game ready airsoft rifle. Enjoy!"

Lancaster Airsoft: Night Game Manoeuvres


Russian Airsoft group, Lancaster Airsoft, sent a link to their night game video on YouTube. Watch the game as they use night vision devices to play... "Our team won by performing scoring 5 goals. The game was held from 22-00 to 4-00. Video filmed on the phone. On the quality of picture and sound is not the most excellent for shooting used NVS Valdai Russia."

Greek Airsoft Night Game Video Footage


George Frantzeskakis sent in this footage of friends in Greece playing airsoft. This is a night game with aerial video taken by drone. Looks awesome to watch as tracers light up the night with the video edited to make look like it's live action Battlefield video game with points displayed when a hit is made.

CQB City Intense Night Game


Newly uploaded Ballistic Tsunami by Flanker follows through with their April 27 Private Game and this video takes them into the night... "Another awesome private game hosted by Doom Crew. As usual lots of pistols and up close CQB. I used a green tint and my video editor to make the best of the low light conditions. Enjoy!"

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