"How To Pick the Right Airsoft Gun"


Some tips from the KWA Insider in picking the right airsoft gun as presented by Sam. Of course, she'd prefer you'd choose KWA... "What goes into picking the right airsoft gun for you? Are you buying your first airsoft gun? In this episode, Sam walks us through her considerations into picking a KWA rifle that fits her best. With all the things you have to consider, there is always a perfect gun for every type of player. Which KWA fits you the best?

KWA Insider: American Milsim Reindeer Games XVIII


Learn more about the American Milsim Reindeer Games, especialy the 2019 edition, in this feature video by the KWA Insider... "KWA visits Reindeer Games by American Milsim (AMS) to take an in-depth look at what it's like to be part of a Milsim Event. Big shoutout to Cole from the ASAP Podcast for being our host for this video!"

KWA Insider: KWA 2019 Rewind


KWA has been pretty busy releasing some unique airsoft guns in 2019 and KWA Insider shows what they are in this KWA 2019 Rewind video... "Hot Dammn! KWA made a resurgence into the airsoft market last year and electrified the airsoft industry with new guns, a new team, and brand new videos. We had explosions, music videos, biker girls, MVPs, and more!  

Take a look back at KWA's 2019 with Paola and Sam."

Airsoft Science #2: Improving ROF


In this episode of KWA Insider's Airsoft Science series, TheDeeMoe is the special guest as they talk about improving Rate of Fire as well as the adjustable FPS or the KWA Ronin T6... "How do you improve your rate of fire? Is the Ronin T6 upgradeable? Did you know the T6 has an adjustable FPS system?

If you don't... we've got you covered! KWA teamed up with DeeMoe to show you how to Improve your KWA's rate of fire & showing you all of his favorite parts for upgrades."

KWA Insider: Trigger Response Improvement


AJ from Airsoft Megastore talks about improving trigger response is this video with KWA Insider... "How do you improve your trigger response? Want us to show you our tests? How do you make sure your new KWA RONIN T6 kicks major ass with upgraded trigger response? Do you still have more questions after reading all of these questions?

Don't worry if you're stumped - we invited AJ from Airsoft Megastore to form a tag team with Jon to answer all of these questions!"

KWA Umarex USP Match Pistol Take Down


KWA Insider has this takedown video of the KWA USP Match Gas Blowback Pistol. This one of the gas blowback pistols which will need tools for you to open up before conducting any repairs or maintenance due to its included compensator. Once removing the compensator, it's the usual no tool breakdown of the pistol. Time to dismantle the pistol? Around 1 minute and 24 seconds and including putting it back together will take one at least 3 minutes and 10 seconds.

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