Carcajou Recce Mag Pouch


Carcajou Tactical recently announced the availability of their Recce Mag Pouch, which is developed and made in Canada. The pouch features a closed-top construction and is designed with two rows and five columns of Molle/Pals on each side. It includes a Velcro and buckled closure system, with the option to silence the Velcro, and the opposite Velcro is also included. The pouch offers adjustable retention via a shock cord and has a drain hole at the bottom.

Carcajou Tactical “Bravo Six” Boonie Hat


Calling all boonie hat enthusiasts! If you're looking to up your tactical headwear game, then check out the Carcajou Tactical "Bravo Six" Boonie Hat. This isn't your average floppy brimmed friend. According to the company, the "Bravo Six" is built for serious comfort and functionality, with features that cater to the needs of dedicated outdoorsmen and tactical operators alike.

Carcajou Tactical Webbing & Yoke System


Some photos from Carcajou Tactical showing their webbing and yoke system that they developed from a client. The system uses multicam pattern and for those who have used the Alice system, then this system should be familiar to use. The company is a veteran-owned Canadian company that designs, develops and manufactures high-quality products for the Military forces and other Tactical teams. 


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