L'antre Du Dingo's Delta Armory AR15 Charlie Keymod 10" ETU AEG Review


Ding Chavez of L'antre Du Dingo got the budget friendly Delta Armory AR15 Charlie Keymod 10" ETU AEG to review if this is a good option for those on a tight budget. The CHARLIE series is a high-quality gun made of durable ABS polymer with a CNC Type A trigger for faster reaction time. It has a unique serial number, a stock with convenient battery compartment, and ETU.

Perun Clicker for ETU Hybrid V2 Review


Learn more about the Perun Clicker for ETU Hybrid V2 in this review by L'antre Du Dingo. Clicker is a device that adds a realistic touch to the Perun V2 Hybrid trigger. It creates a resistance point that has to be pushed past to fire a shot, similar to how a real firearm trigger works. Clicker is designed for realism fans and anyone who wants to feel the trigger action.

L'antre Du Dingo: Rossi Neptune SAS Gen 2


L'antre Du Dingo goes over the Rossi Neptune SAS Gen 2 AEG that is in Europe now. This features several upgrades inside and outside, including the new V2 trigger that can be programmed to shoot semi, auto, binary or bursts of 2, 3, 4 or 5. The Neptune SAS has a 6.02 mm precision barrel, MOSFET, easy spring change and many reinforced components. The replica is said to be very solid and stable, with no wobble, and has a paint coating that protects it well.

OneTigris MOLLE Chest Rig Review


L'antre Du Dingo got to review the OneTigris MOLLE Chest Rig which can be recommended to those who want a simple and modular chest rig. Since it is modular, airsoft players can mix and match MOLLE pouches and linear tools according to requirements of the game or their personal preferences.

L'antre Du Dingo: Zion Arms/R&D Precision PW9 Mod.1 Review


Ding Chavez of L'antre Du Dingo got to get his hands on the Zion Arms /R&D Precision PW9 Mod.1 for a video review. Officially licensed, this sports a 6-inch M-Lok handguard with QD sling mount holes. It has the Zion Arms ETU that is fully programmable he Version 2 Gearbox has 8mm bearings with a 19k RPM neodymium magnet high-speed motor as the power plant.

L'Antre Du Dingo: Cybergun/BOLT SCAR-SC BRSS


It's the turn of L'Antre Du Dingo to give his take on the fully licensed Cybergun/BOLT SCAR-SC BRSS. The BRSS means that it has the Bolt Recoil Shock System which is the simulated blowback and recoil engine for this AEG. It is mainly made of Aluminum/ABS, Nylon and Glass Fiber and Steel, with its compact look, should be good for CQB games.

CYMA CM.103A AK Alpha AEG Review


L'antre Du Dingo gets to review the AK Alpha AEG made by CYMA, the CM.130A. This is based on the design by CAA and disributed by Kalashnikov USA, which has no relationship with Kalashnikov Concern of Russia. It is mainly made of polymer and has fully ambidextrous operation.

Eshooter Kestrel V2 ETU Bluetooth Review


L'antre Du Dingo tries the Eshooter Kestrel V2 ETU bluetooth if it is something that he wants installed on his AEGs. Made for the standard Tokyo Marui V2 Gearbox, it is feature packed with pre-cocking, adjustable trigger sensitivity, battery protection, active breaking, ROF control, and more. It comes with an app to do the setttings via bluetooth.

L'antre Du Dingo: Elite Force 1911 Tac Two


L'antre Du Dingo takes a look at hot seller from Elite Force, the 1911 Tactical Gas  Blowback Pistol on it second version with a revamped look. This features the Guide Hop-up system which allows the player not removing the pistol slide in order to adjust the velocity of he BB. One has just to pull the slide back and make adjustments.

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