The Noveske N4 Gas Blowback Rifle Showdown


There are choices to be made when looking for the Noveske N4 gas blowback rifle. Evike Europe helps you make that choice as they make a comparison of the versions from APS, CYMA, and Double Eagle... "The Noveske N4 is currently one of the most popular AR-15 amongst airsofters, especially those who are looking to build a current-era DEVGRU kit.

Thanks to EMG, a Noveske licensed AEG manufactured by APS quickly hit the market, and more recently, GBBs became to hit the market as well.

"How to Choose Your Airsoft Gas"


For beginners and other airsoft players who still need time to learn about gas powered airsoft guns, Evike Europe got this video to help them out choose what airsoft gas to use... "Here's the long version of our video: how to choose your gas!

Come and discover Max's tips and share your experiences."

Airsoft Science Tutorial: Choosing BB Weight


Not all BBs are equal and when choosing BB weights depends on your requirements and considering game site limits. Evike Europe discusses this topic in this video and they wonder what type of BBs most airsoft users use nowadays... "Here are our best tips to choose the best BB weight for your airsoft guns. What BBs are you using and why?"

EMG/CYMA TTI M4E1 Carbine M-Lok AEG Review


After releasing a teaser, Evike Europe follow through with a review of the EMG/CYMA TTI M4E1 Carbine M-Lok AEG which is available at their online store. The Taran Tactical Innovations-licensed product boasts authentic TTI trademarks on both sides of the receiver and Base Pad. It features a high-quality aluminum alloy receiver with deep stamped roll marks, an ultra-slim M-LOK compatible CNC aluminum free float 10" handguard, and a functional bolt stop hold open for easy hop-up access.

EMG Taran Tactical M4E1 Carbine M-Lok AEG Teaser


Teaser video from Evike Europe on the EMG Taran Tactical M4E1 Carnbine M-Lok AEG. The Taran Tactical Innovations licensed product boasts authentic TTI trademarks on both sides of the receiver and Base Pad. It features a high-quality aluminum alloy receiver with deep stamped roll marks and an ultra-slim M-LOK compatible CNC aluminum free float 10" handguard. The functional bolt stop hold open allows for easy hopup access, and the front and rear folding iron sights enhance its usability.

Silverback Airsoft Desert Tech MDR-X At Evike Europe


Presentation of the Silverback Airsoft Desert Tech MDR-X AEG by Evike Europe which they now carry at their store. The Silverback MDR-X V2 is an airsoft licensed version of the real steel counterpart manufactured by Desert Tech LLC. It is designed to mimic the original build and features as much as possible while integrating a high-quality gearbox, able to deliver high performance from DMR to CQB applications. The construction and assembly are realistic, with fully engraved markings and a unique serial number.



A look at the EMG Noveske N4 CGS GBBR made by CYMA as presented by Evike Europe... "Check out this GBBR Beast! Here at Evike Europe Studios we were amazed by the high quality, great performance and unmatched immersion granted by the first CYMA-made GBBR, with pre-upgraded SP Systems T8 internals inside.

Max really believes that it is the best MWS-based airsoft gun on the market at the moment... what do you think of that?"

How to Use Airsoft Batteries Part 1


In this video by Evike Europe they discuss about battery tech and specs for those who are not familiar with airsoft batteries... "Electric airsoft guns, whether they are AEGs, EBBRs or AEPs, are the most common airsoft guns on the skirmish field ; because they have good performance for value, are easy to maintain and easy to upgrade.

But to work, they need batteries!

How To Make A Cheap Airsoft Loadout


Airsoft can quickly become an expensive hobby but there are ways to save on costs. In this video Evike Europe shows you how to put a cheap airsoft loadout so you can shave on costs... "Are you a beginner to airsoft and wondering how much money you should spend on your replica and equipment?

You're not the only one. It's common to be pushed towards expensive equipment used by real special operators when asking this question in online airsoft communities.

Silverback Airsoft TAC-41 At Evike Europe


Quick presentation by the Evike Europe of the Silverback Airsoft of the TAC-41 sniper rifle that they have in stock... "A must have for all sniper players who wants a ready to play replica out of the box, the Silverback TAC-41 is now available on Evike-Europe. The new brand platform at the origin of the SRS renown, with internal and external high quality and unparalleled performances at the box."

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