Arcturus x C.A.T. Legend 8.5'' Quick Guide


In this episode of Airsoft Manuals by Taiwan Gun, they feature the Arcturus x C.A.T. Legend 8.5'' AEG... "Today we want to show you something brand new. Made in cooperation of Arcturus and Combat Artisan Tactical - Legend 8.5-inch' Let us know what do you think about it. We will have it soon."

CYMA CM.057T SVD AEG Presentation


A preview of the CYMA CM.057T AEG which is based on the SVD that will soon be available at Airsoft Taiwan... "A replica of the latest version of the Russian sniper rifle. Parts made of steel: receiver cover, safety lever, trigger guard and magazine. Aluminum parts are: flash hider, outer barrel, gas block, receiver, bolt carrier, sight set. Pistol grip, handguard and stock made of polymer.

Umarex HK P8A1 GBB Pistol At Airsoft Taiwan


The airsoft version of the official sidearm of the German Bundeswehr, the HK P8A1 GBB pistol is available at Airsoft Taiwan. Looking like the USP, it can be said to be a 9mm version of the USP. Fully licensed, it sports correct markings and comes with polymer lower frame, metal slide, and 23-round BB capacity gas magazine.

SOTAC X400V GBB Pistol Light At Airsoft Taiwan


Available at the online store of Airsoft Taiwan is the SOTAC X400V GBB Pistol Light. Colour options are black and dark earth and this is powered by CR123A battery which is not part of the package. It has a 500 lumens of brugtness and comes with a red laser. It has both constant lighting mode and strobe mode.

Airsoft Taiwan: Umarex/VFC H&K PSG-1 GBBR Overview


The first gas blowback version of the H&K PSG-1 made by VFC under licence from Umarex is now at Airsoft Taiwan... "This has a stamped steel receiver, easy Hop-Up adjustment, new design & reinforced PSG-1 Bolt Set, and real wood pistol grip. It can be dry-fired and gives a heavy recoil experience. It comes with a carry case when ordered.

Airsoft Taiwan: SIG Air M18 Gas Blowback Pistol


Airsoft Taiwan are now carrying the M18 Gas Blowback Pistol made by VFC for SIG Air ProForce. This is the more compact version of the M17 pistol which won the MHS of the U.S. Army and is based on the Sig Sauer P320 Pistol. The magazines for the M17 can also be used and has ambidextrous operation.

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