Patrol Base TV HQ Airsoft Gameplay Montage


Some gameplay footage by the crew of Patrol Base TV as they get some trigger time at HQ Airsoft... "Stu heads out to HQ airsoft rocking his new Tokyo Marui GBB AKM, upgraded Krytac LMG and Kyrtac Maxim 9 Pistol. Catch some of his best moments here! "

Patrol Base's "SELL ME THIS!" Airsoft Gameshow


Would you buy or not? The guys at Patrol Base got this gameshow called "Sell Me This" and the title says it all... "The rules are simple. A gun will come up on the screen and either Stu or Sam has to argue for the gun or against it and Pete decides the winner."

Patrol Base: SIG Air MPX SMG AEG


Stu of Patrol Base TV walks us through the features of the SIG Air ProForce MPX AEG that can be ordered from Patrol Base online... "If you are looking for something modern, compact and unique with which to turn and burn in CQB the SigAir MPX AEG would be a superb choice. This mould-breaking new SMG is a near-perfect replica of the real Sig MPX, the 9mm SMG offspring of the legendary MCX carbine.

Waldo Customs At Patrol Base TV


During a livestreamed session with Patrol Base, Waldo Customs get to discuss on what they do and various airsoft-related stuff... "In this video, Stu sits down with Waldo and Jeppe from Waldo Customs to discuss their place in the industry as well as the motivation to start their own company, as well as geeking out over upgrade parts."

No Lock Back On Bolster Armouries Custom Hi-Capas


In this Patrol Base TV clip, they talk about the reason why custom Hi-Capa gas blowback pistols from Bolster Armouries don't lock back... "Why don't the bolster armouries airsoft hi-capas lock back after they finish firing? well Jake from bolster armouries is here to answer that exact question."

Vorsk VM9 Osiris Gas Blowback Pistol At Patrol Base


Patrol Base shows in this livestreamed video, the Vorsk VM9 Osiris Gas Blowback Pistol that is now available at their store... "If you have a thing for the B9 design, you are not alone. The issue is, the B9 platform is becoming more and more popular, and it is hard to find a real head turner with B9 styling. Well...until now! Introducing the Vorsk VM9 OSIRIS, a B9 variant you probably haven't seen before!

Patrol Base TV Reaches 10k Subscribers On YouTube


With the 10k subscriber mark breached, Patrol Base TV celebrate this milestone wih a special... "PBTV has reached 10K subscribers! We thought we would make a short video showing how much fun we have had with all of you in the last couple of years as well as a little announcement to say 'thank you'."

Patrol Base: APS Ghost Patrol Phantom AEG


Stu, in this livestreamed episode of Patrol Base, talks about the APS Ghost Patrol Phantom AEG that is available at their store... "In this video, Stu sits down with the APS Ghost Patrol Phantom, It's so hard to find a unique looking M4/AR15 AEG these days, thankfully companies such as APS have not lost their creative spark!"

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