Patrol Base: CYMA X EMG CM.105 Platinum Daniel Defence M4A1


Stu talks about the CYMA X EMG CM.105 Platinum Daniel Defence M4A1 in this livestreamed episode of Patrol Base. This is licensed with EMG and has the new E-EDITION HIGH-SPEED configuration... "In this video, Stu sits down with the CM.105 Platinum Daniel Defence, Yes its finally here so come and ask your burning questions."

"How Easy Is It to Find Airsoft Gear For Women?"


Is it easier now to find gear ready-made for women as compared before? Watch this Patrol Base TV clip if it's true or not... "We all know the majority of airsoft and military gear is made for men, however now more women are airlifting, does the market need to adapt?"

Who Are Vorsk Airsoft?


In this Patrol Base TV episode, Stu has Ross of Nuprol to talk all about the Vorsk Airsoft which is a newcomer in the airsoft pistol market... "Inspired by the finest and most advanced modern combat and competition handgun designs. VORSK translates these unique and innovative concepts to the Airsoft market in the form of a totally new range of GBB pistols."

Patrol Base: CYMA CM.106 Platinum AEG


Stu talks about the CYMA CM.106 Platinum AEG available at Patrol Base in this livestreamed video... "In this video, Stu sits down with the CYMA CM.106 Platinum , If CQB is your poison, you are going to love this one! The CM.106A AR-9 from CYMA adds to the increasingly wide range of AR-9 platforms available, making the decision on which platform to go for that much harder!"

The R&D Process For Bolster Armouries Airsoft Guns


Stu continues with his interview with the guys of Bolster Armouries, going into some details of their R&D process in this Patrol Base TV episode... "Bolster Armouries was founded with one primary mission: To provide Airsofters with a range of RIFs which has been fine-tuned to provide the absolute peak in attainable performance together with breathtaking external quality.

WASDN Light & Laser Products At Patrol Base


A look at the available lighting and laser devices for mounting on your airsoft guns from the WASDN at Patrol Base... "In this video, Stu sits down with a variety of the new WADSN light and laser parts that are all brand new, what to add some tactical advantage to your loadout look no further."

Patrol Base: Evolution Pistols Brand Showcase


Evolution Airsoft are producing airsoft pistols now and Patrol Base got to talk about them in this livestreamed episode with I am Raido... "In this video, Stu sits down with a very special guest, the face of evolution I am Raido to talk everything Evolution Pistols."

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