Riko Airsoft's Evolution International M40 Review


Riko Airsoft gives his take on the first airsoft sniper rifle from Evolution International, the M40 BASR... "The M40 is a very famous sniper rifle and loved by many, this time, proposed by Evolution in a perfect version for those who want to play as a sniper without spending a kidney."

A Look Inside Evolution International


Take a look inside Evolution International, the Italian airsoft company, and they'll give a sneek peak at their production and they talk about their Smart Airsoft Guns... "Evolution International is a very dynamic company with Strong Research and Development.

Patrol Base: Evolution Pistols Brand Showcase


Evolution Airsoft are producing airsoft pistols now and Patrol Base got to talk about them in this livestreamed episode with I am Raido... "In this video, Stu sits down with a very special guest, the face of evolution I am Raido to talk everything Evolution Pistols."

Evolution Airsoft Recon Breacher 13" M-Lok


Golgy A Sunday Gamer takes a look at the Recon Breacher 13" M-Lok AEG from Evolution Airsoft... "With the Recon EH15AR-ETS, Evolution Airsoft wanted to offer players a long replica equipped with the latest generation of "Airline" handguard equipped with M-Lok attachment. This type of handguard offers players an AR-15 type replica of great lightness and increased maneuverability.

Evolution Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol Presentation


Evolution Airsoft show their airsoft gas blowback gun series in this video... "When we decided to start making handguns, here at Evolution International we started from a blank sheet. We reconsidered the standard manufacturing procedures used by the most in the Airsoft Industry and we adopted a unique manufacturing protocol inspired by the firearms industry.

Evolution Airsoft E.T.S. II Video Tutorial


Evolution Airsoft put out this video tutorial on how to program their E.T.S. II... "Evolution International is a very dynamic company with Strong Research and Development. It was the first Airsoft manufacturer to release an Airsoft Gun with electronic functions fully programmable via trigger, and the first manufacturer to launch on the market a Smart Airsoft Gun with tens of advanced functions readily available out of the box.

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