3D Printed MK23 Carbine Kit Design


Supa Adventure knows how to use his idle time well as he decided to design a 3D Printed MK23 Carbine Conversion Kit... "I got bored, so I partly re-designed a mk23 PDW/Carbine kit for the Falcon Beta MK23 by Matrix! This thing is nuts and has the full functionality of normal carbine or pdw you'd use in airsoft!"

Marushin M92F Carbine Conversion By Neko Gun


A unique Marushin M92F Carbine Conversion project is demonstrated by Neko Gun and he gives us an overview in this video. This looks to be an HPA powered vintage Marushin M92F and the conversion kit makes it look like a PPsh-41... "Build your own unique carbine using the Marushin carbine device, which is popular among some elderly survival gamers."

Installing A Glock 17 in CAA Micro Roni Conversion Kit


If you're having issues in using the CAA Micro Roni CCK for the Glock 17 GBB Pistol, Tungsten 74 got this video to help you... "Getting the Glock 17 into the Micro Conversion Kit is a challenge that cannot be solved. Because to get the Glock 17 in there, you still need tools. However, the matter is then done very quickly and with a few simple steps.

How? I explain that to you in this video."

Cheap Airsoft Flux Kit Review


The Man-talking2 Airsoft Gel Nerf Review channel takes a look at a cheap airsoft Flux kit (US$55.00) to review. Made by the New Youth Research Institute, this is compatible with the Toy Star airsoft Glock and Glock gas airsoft pistols. No list was provided on the compatible guns and it is mainly sold in South Korea.

Are Airsoft Glocks Compatible WIth Original RONI CCK?


Tungsten 74 tries to find out if airsoft Glock pistols can fit the original RONI Micro CCK although there are licensed kits for airsoft made by King Arms for the CAA Airsoft Division... "Do the airsoft or airsoft versions of Glock, e.g. the Glock 19, Glock 17, Glock 19x - the classics, fit into the real, i.e. original Roni Micro Conversion Kit? I was asked this question. And I immediately got to the bottom of this question.

The test was clear. The results clear. But first of all!

EK Design AAP01 Kits


More kits for the Action Army AAP-01 GBB Pistol made by EK Design and presented here by Little Turtle... "EKD has never let me down. Every time I produce it, I am so excited! After receiving the kit, I went to B&W to test it, and the two kits are still in the testing stage."

3D Printed MK23 Airsoft Assassin Pistol Carbine Kit Review


Fulcrum reviews a 3D Printed MK23 SOCOM CCK which is available to download from Thingiverse... "Finally got around to doing an airsoftreview of the 3D printed MK23 Airsoft Assassin Carbine Kit which I've used several times on this channel. It's a brilliant little airsoft gun, perfect for covert ops under the enemies nose.

VOC Airsoft AW Custom VX Series & CCKs


VOC Airsoft talks about the various components that players can put together witth the AW Custom VX Series. The VX Series are gas blowbacks which has various serrations and cuts on their slides. There are CCKs available for them so players can have stable shooting platforms for skirmishes and gas drum magazines also available for more ammo.

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