Starting Airsoft In 2024


Two Japan-based vloggers/podcasters, Maydaysan Airsoft and Defrowe Airsoft, discuss about starting airsoft this year in this episode of Maydaysan Airsoft's "Whiskey and Guns"... "Today on Episode 2 of Whiskey n Guns, we are joined by @defroweairsoft , as we talk about how we would start Airsoft in 2024, and what you actually need to get started as well as some pro tips."

Tokyo Marui AKX GBB Gameplay


Maydaysan Airsoft brings the Tokyo Marui AKX GBB to play and see how it performs... "Today we re-edit the first gameplay I ever filmed with the Tokyo Marui Gas Blowback AKM. The quality is not up to par with my current standards but it was still a fun iconic day for me."

Maydaysan Airsoft's Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle Review


Still going strong is the hand cannon from Tokyo Marui, the Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle GBB Pistol that Maydaysan Airsoft reviews in this video... "Today we review the Tokyo Marui Airsoft Desert Eagle. It's a classic all-plastic gas blowback pistol with some decent performance. Whether or not you should get this airsoft Desert Eagle is up to you and what kind of player you are."

ONLYEST Tactical Headset & Helmet Review


Maydaysan Airsoft got a tactical headset and helmet from ONLYEST to review if he can recommend them for airsoft use... "Today we talk about Airsoft Headsets and why you may need them for the sport! As well as a review of the ONLYEST Tactical Headset and Helmet!"

Are 1911 Pistols Still Relevant?


Maydaysan Airsoft looks into the usability of 1911 pistols in this Tokyo Marui 1911 GBB Pistol review.This Gas Blow Back Pistol, featuring a Semi-Automatic Shooting Mode, is an authentic replica. It is equipped with an innovative Hop-Up Thumb Dial located inside the gun, visible after disassembling the slide. The pistol boasts a textured grip and authentic engraving on both the grip and slide. It produces a very loud and crispy Blow Back sound with high-kick recoil.

Maydaysan Airsoft's Belt Set Up


Maydaysan Airsoft shows how he sets up his belt for airsoft use and recommends that you copy it too... "The Laylax Battle Belt is such a sleek simple belt that everyone should copy. I like to keep my airsoft belt set up simple and clean with some quality accessories."

Airsoft Training Drills Nobody Does


Maydaysan Airsoft talks about drills in airsoft that nobody does but he thinks they should... "These are some airsoft drills you can use to improve at airsoft instantly. Airsoft requires some skill to get a good basis of performance, so use these airsoft drills to help out."

Why Red Dots Are A Must For Airsofters


Maydaysan Airsoft continues to expound on why using a red dot sight is must for airsoft players. You better watch this video so you can understand why... "An Airsoft red dot for airsoft toys will instantly improve your performance on the airsoft field. Let's explore some reasons why."

Maydaysan Airsoft's $18000+ Airsoft Collection


That's an impressive collection. However, Maydaysan Airsoft also says it put him in debt. Better be prudent in your airsoft shopping if you do not want to be in the red... "Hi guys, this is my mostly Tokyo Marui airsoft collection that I have amassed over the past three years and it's a doozy. Most of it was purchased in cash, but some of it is debt for sure."

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