EMG Helios Angstadt Arms UDP-9 Unboxing


Expolitika gets to unbox and review the EMG Helios Angstadt Arms UDP-9 AEG... "Hey everyone, today we are checking out the EMG Helios Angstadt Arms UDP-9 Pistol Caliber Carbine G3 AEG (Color: Black / 9.25") I got this in the April Fools Box of Awesomeness and thought it needed a full review!"

Is The EMG Helios UDP-9 The ARP9 Killer?


Amongst the PCC AEGs in the market, the G&G ARP9, which is now on its third iteration, rules the roost. Will the EMG Helios UDP-9 AEG be its tough challenger? Or do you think there are other better PCC AEGs that give the ARP9 a run for its money? Kraken Airsoft tries the EMG Helios UDP-9 which can be found at Evike.com and other retailers.

S&T Angstadt Arms UDP-9 AEG At Taiwan Gun


A quick presentation by Taiwan Gun of the S&T Angstadt Arms UDP-9 AEG that they have available... "ASG replica of Angstadt Arms UDP-9 submachine gun, the company which designs innovative AR platforms for the army, law enforcement agencies and civil market. EMG (Evike Manufacturing Group) license for the use of ST Armament (Smart Team)."

Golgy: S&T/EMG UDP-9 AEG


Golgy, A Sunday Gamer, reviews the S&T/EMG UDP-9 AEG that is licensed from Angstadt Arms. Based on the UDP-9 closed bolt blowback operated system, the UDP-9 uses standard Glock 9mm magazines. The airsoft version is mainly made of Polymer and uses 9mm-style AEG magazines with the package coming with a 90-BB round magazine.

Mach Sakai: S&T EMG UDP-9 AEG


The S&T EMG UDP-9 AEG is now available in Japan and Mach Sakai gets his hands on one to review. It is mainly made of metal, uses a 9mm-style AEG magazine and has the S&T G3 electronic trigger which is a magnetic sensor type trigger system. He checks it for external features, operations, and performance in quick steel challenge.

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