Airsoft John Wick TR-1 MWS System Build


An ASMR video by Buffbridge Custom as they build a John Wick TR-1 airsoft rifle with the Tokyo Marui MWS gas blowback as base gun...  "If you truly enjoyed this video and want to show your support for our channel, please take a moment to give it a 'Super Thanks'. Your support means everything to us and it helps us create even more amazing content for you to enjoy. Thank you for watching."

KWA John Wick TTI TR-1 AR-15 GBB Rifle


Jeff The Kid takes a look at a KWA John Wick TTI TR-1 AR-15 GBB Rifle in this video. For John Wick fans in airsoft, they can have options in getting one of these, as well as a kit made for the Tokyo Marui MWS... "I am fan of the John Wick movies. Definitely dragged a lot of people into the big pit of survival games.  I've always wanted to build a TR-, but because the pockets of gold coins are not enough I had to borrow this one from a friend to share with you.

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