ASG Storm Apocalypse At Combat Sport Supply


Combat Sport Supply finds the ASG Storm Apocalypse impact airsoft grenade to be a good performer... "ASG Storm Apocalypse Reuseable Airsoft Hand Grenade Simulator Replica throws BBs Everywhere. The Apocalypse Airsoft Impact Grenade is the latest version of the Action Sport Games Storm 360 Airsoft Green Gas Grenade. Is it worth it?"

Taktik Airsoft's Review Of The ASG Storm Apocalypse


Montreal-based airsoft retailer, Taktik Airsoft, give their take on the reusable ASG Storm Apocalypse airsoft grenade... "Our first impressions of the ASG Storm Apocalypse. Frankly, we are really impressed with performance and use to date. This is a very user friendly, simple to use. and effective impact grenade."

Geonox Airsoft: Storm Apocalypse Airsoft Grenade


Geonox Airsoft checks out one of the recently released grenades for airsoft use, the Storm Apocalypse... "In this video I show you the Storm Apocalypse. This is a reusable airsoft impact grenade. You need airsoft gas and BBs for this. A total of 155 BBs fit in. A highlight: You don't need a cotter pin. There is an on and off slider. This way you can secure the grenade for transport and arm it just before use. The effective circle has a radius of 5m.

Ballahack Airsoft's ASG Storm Apocalypse Airsoft Grenade Review


Wondering why the Stormtrooper helmet? Ballahack Airsoft posted the video on the 4th of May, Star Wars Day... "May the 4th be with you! Check out this review of the ASG Storm Apocalypse Airsoft Grenade.

Ballahack Airsoft Field is one of the largest airsoft fields in the United States. We are located in Chesapeake Virginia on 99 acres complete with swamp, wooded areas, and a large MOUT Town. Ballahack Airsoft is owned by Swampsniper."

ASG Storm Apocalypse At Sniper-AS


Sniper-AS explain why you should have the ASG Storm Apocalypse airsoft grenade should be part of your loadout... "ASG has already released a really good airsoft grenade with the 360 ​​° Storm Grenade. Now they are going one step further with the Storm Apocalypse! A must for every Airsoft loadout, in our opinion! Both the ASG Storm Grenade and the Storm Apocalypse Grenade are great fun on the airsoft playing field.

ASG Storm Apocalypse Airsoft Grenade


Another airsoft grenade has been released by ASG, the Storm Apocalypse... "Available in either Black or Orange, the STORM APOCALYPSE is a high quality re-usable gas powered impact grenade, after use it can be reloaded and reused again and again – eliminating the need for expensive and dangerous pyrotechnic grenades.

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