Weekend Warrior Shop: Tasmanian Tiger Chest Rig MKII 2023


One of the best chest rigs we've tried, the Tasmanian Tiger Chest Rig has a MKII model that Weekend Warrior presents in this video. This lightweight, universal harness features side pockets, a fold-out mount for protective plates (not included), and adjustable padded straps. The magazine pouches are designed for G36, SIG, AUG, M4, M16, STG, but can also be used as double pouches for 2 x 4 M4 magazines or similar plastic and metal magazines.

Sightmark T-3 Tactical Magnifier Unboxing


Weekend Warrior Shop got the Sightmark T-3 Tactical Magnifier and they give their first impressions in this one unboxing video. The T-3 Magnifier is a versatile device that can be mounted directly behind a reflex sight or red dot, providing a quick and easy 3x magnification of the sight image.

Firefield IMPULSE 1x22 Compact Red Dot Unboxing


A highly recommended optic for airsoft use is the Firefield IMPULSE 1x22 Compact Red Dot and the Weekend Warrior Shop got one for an unboxing video... "The Impulse 1x22 Dot Sight gives the shooter lightning-fast target acquisition. Thanks to the red or green reticle illumination, the shooter can choose his preferred reticle color for different situations.

Weekend Warrior Reviews The Specna Arms SA-E06 S-AEG


Weekend Warrior Shop got their hands on the Specna Arms SA-E06 S-AEG to check it out in this video review... "Today again with a new test in the field of airsoft: We look at the Specna Arms SA-E06 in the S-AEG variant. As always, the packaging, the scope of delivery, the airsoft itself and of course the shot pattern are considered."

Weekend Warrior Shop Tests ASG CZ Scorpio EVO 3 A1 S-AEG SMG


The Weekend Warrior Shop does a test and review the ASG CZ Scorpio EVO 3 A1 S-AEG SMG which is produced to meet German requlations... "The CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 was built by ASG to offer airsoft players the most realistic handling possible. Like its original counterpart, the EVO 3 will stop firing when its magazine is empty and must finish loading after inserting a reloaded magazine.

Airsoft Operations: Darkzone Gameplay


The Weekend Warrior Shop posted their video of the Airsoft Operations: Darkzone that took place in Germany... "Hey guys, today a video of Stefan and Paddy's first airsoft game day at Airsoft Operations: Darkzone We went for the first time to have a look around in the airsoft area and are very positively surprised. here is the clip from our colleague Julez."

Testing Plate Carriers For Tall People


The guys from the Weekend Warrior Shop, Stefan and Till, test plate carriers that tall people can wear such as the Tasmanian Tiger MK1V plate carrier... "Good morning! We'll show you what we wear and hope that Stefan's and Till's measurements will help you when looking for a plate carrier."

€78 Plate Carrier vs €260 Plate Carrier Test


The Weekend Warrior Shop compares two plate carriers that airsoft players can consider when looking for one... "Moin, Today the second part of our little Plate Carrier series. This time it's about a comparison between two entry-level plate carriers and two professional plate carriers from Tasmanian Tiger. The entry-level plate carriers are the Lightweight Assault and the Invader Gear GRB. For the professionals, the TT MK4 and the TT QR LC enter the ring. The review mainly applies to paintball and airsoft use."

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