Airsoft Gas Blowback Winterization Guide


The cold weather is the bane for gas blowbacks. Explosive Enterprises got this tips for you to help you still use your GBBs during winter... "If you've ever had to put away your GBBR or other gas-powered airsoft replica for the winter, chances are there are tweaks you can make to keep it running."

Airsoft Gas Blowback Maintenance Guide


Another guide for gas blowback airsoft gun owners courtesy of Explosive Enterprises... "Today we're going through routine cleaning and maintenance of a gas blowback rifle and a gas blowback pistol, offering a few suggestions on ideal products and practices to make taking care of a GBB less of a chore."

Explosive Enterprises Reviews The VFC LAR GBB Rifle


Explosive Enteprises got some positive things to say about the new VFC LAR Gas Blowback Rifle and also pointing out the quirks... "Today we've got a review of VFC's gas blowback take on the Fusil Automatique Légere, literally translating to Light Automatic Rifle (LAR) but more commonly known as the FAL. We're pleasantly surprised by this GBBR replica, although as with any airsoft gun it's not without quirks."

The $20 The XE-15 'CAT' Airsoft Rocket Launcher


Explosive Enterprises feature and inexpensive rocket launcher that can be used for airsoft purposes... "Today we're going to take a look at one of our scratch-built airsoft projects, the XE-15 Cheap Anti-Tank, or CAT. We'll take a look at the design of this rocket launcher, and also get into a full build tutorial at the end of the video.

Northeast Airsoft MP2A1 GBB Review, Upgrades & Fixes


Explosive Enterprises got to comprehensively review the recently released Northeast Airsoft MP2A1 Uzi Gas Blowback SMG and they touch on upgrades as well as fixes to issues found... "Today we're taking a look at Northeast Airsoft's newest GBB product and their first design beyond Sten variants- a gas blowback MP2A1, known more colloquially as the Uzi.

Custom AUG HBAR LMG Gas Blowback Build


Explosive Enterprises show us one of their custom builds, a Gas Blowback AUG HBAR LMG... "A walkthrough of one of our team's projects, based on a GHK AUG but significantly modified. Special thanks to USAirsoft for capturing footage of this machine in action."

Custom Colt Model 750/Diemaco Gas Blowback LMG


It's always good for custom builders to show off their builds. In this episode of Explosive Enterprises, they show a custom-built Colt Model 750 LMG Gas Blowback, also known as a Diemaco LSW... "Another GBB machine gun build. This time it's a Colt Model 750 light machine gun, also manufactured under license by Diemaco, built from a Viper Tech M16A3."

Green Gas Magazine Maintenance Guide


Something to bookmark so you can call it up when you need a guide for maintaining your green gas magazine. This video is courtesy of Explosive Enterprises... "With the right tools and techniques, fixing leaking magazines becomes a once-in-a-while annoyance rather than a constant battle.

The grease used in the video is Super Lube synthetic grease with PTFE, product number 21030. It is an effective lubricant for metal-on-metal contact as well."

Explosive Enterprises With The Viper Tech Colt M733 GBBR


Something for those who want a heavy kicking Colt M16A2 Commando/733 Gas Blowback Rifle can check the Viper Tech Colt M733 Gas Blowback Rifle which claims to have Inokatsu quality. Explosive Enterprises got one for this comprehensive review... "An in-depth review of the Viper Tech (or Vipertech, depending on where you look) gas blowback airsoft replica of the Colt M733, also known as the Colt M16A2 Commando, and more generally the Viper Tech product lineup.

GHK Airsoft AUG GBB Complete Guide


Learn more about the GHK AUG Gas Blowback Bullpup in this video by Explosive Enterprises... "An overview of everything you need to know about the GHK AUG: How to operate it, what variants you can buy, what upgrades are available, and how to take care of your airsoft replica."

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