Testing The TAGinn TAG-18, AFG-6 & TAG-19


Municak SK got to test the different pyro grenades for airsoft and milsim use from TAGinn such as TAG-18 smoke, the AFG-6 and TAG-19. You can find these at their online store located in Slovakia.. "We decided to show you the new Taginn airsoft grenades in action. Juraj will show smoke and hand grenades in the video."

Airsoftjunkiez: TAGinn TAG-18 Smoke Grenade White


Airsoftjunkiez are now taking pre-orders for the TAGinn TAG-18 Smoke Grenade. Based on the U.S. Army's MK-18, this gives a dense white smoke that should help conceal movement when advancing or retreating. Two videos shown below in which they review and demo that smoke grenade... "TAG18 smoke produces dense smoke for 45seconds, place your preorders today."

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