November Foxtrot Episode 161


Another round of Milsim Q&A in the episode 161 of NoFo, the November Foxtrot podcast series... "Hello, NoFos! Welcome to Episode 161 of the November Foxtrot Podcast, where we're shaking things up by putting YOU in the spotlight. Today's show is all about your questions – the fuel that keeps our airsoft engines running. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just dipping your toes into the airsoft pond, we're here to tackle your queries with gusto.

Airsoft MilSim Personal Protective Equipment


In episode 159 of the November Foxtrot podcast series, they cover PPEs for use in milsim events... "Howdy there, airsoft aficionados! Welcome to another thrilling episode of the November Foxtrot Podcast, where we delve into the world of tactical tomfoolery and airsoft shenanigans. Strap on your gear and prepare for an adventure, because today we're diving headfirst into the realm of personal protective equipment!

Operation Phoenix and Empire Airsoft Episode


In episode 158 of the November Foxtrot podcast series, they got Empire Airsoft talk about their Operation Phoenix event... "Gooood evening and welcome to November Foxtrot! On episode 158 we have Kenny from Empire Airsoft on the show chatting about all the latest with Empire - both airsoft and events. With Operation Phoenix coming up at the end of March, we are going to be taking a dive into that to chat about what players can expect."

Prepping for 2024's Airsoft MilSim Events #2


In part 2 of November Foxtrot's episode 157 in their podcast series, they continue on about preparing for events lined up in 2024... "Ahoy and welcome to November Foxtrot! On episode 157 we will be finishing the two parter of our Prepping for 2024's Airsoft MilSim Events.

Winter MilSim & How To Stay Warm Part 2


To be effective in MilSim in winter, keeping warm will always be paramount. In episode 150 of November Foxtrot, they touch oh this topic... "This is part 2 of our winter MilSim episode!

Winter is coming and we will be chatting about bits of kit you might be interested in to keep warm. Whether it's dashing around the field as QRF or standing on STAG for 2 hours - no one likes being uncomfortably cold ... and you can't always rely on cuddling up to your pal for warmth!"

Differences Between Woodland & Urban Events Part 2


In episode 147 of the November Foxtrot Podcast series, they continue with discussing woodland and urban events in airsoft, listing the difference between these events... "Hi there! Welcome to November Foxtrot episode 147 where we are continuing our chat about the differences between Woodland and Urban Events!

Go check out Episode 146 for the start of the chat!"

Bridging The Gap MilSim & Skirmishing


In episode 144 of November Foxtrot, they talk with Defiant Events about milsim and skirmishing... "This episode we are joined by the Gentlemen from Defiant to chat about their latest event - Operation Irene (if you're not sure where you might have heard that before - watch Black Hawk Down). They will also be chatting about their upcoming event and discussing with us the subject of how or if we should - bridge the gap between airsoft MilSim and Skirmishing."

Fighting At Night NoFo Podcast Episode


Episode 143 of November Foxtrot is about playing at night or low light conditions and discussing it with Kenny from Empire Events... "Hey hey! Welcome to November Foxtrot Episode 143. On this episode we are discussing the different technologies and mthods you can use to fight at night. torches, thermal, night vision - this is a holistic look at different options.

November Foxtrot Podcast Episode 140


In NoFo 140th episode, they have as special guests Mission Tailors for their audience to learn more about them... "Gooood evening and Welcome to November Foxtrot Episode 140 where this week we are chatting to Mission Tailors about custom kit, modifications and bespoke gear! It's going to be a reel interesting episode, sew make sure you don't miss out!"

Land Navigation At Airsoft MilSim Events


It is about navigating through terrain, especially for milsim events over a large AO, discussed in November Foxtrot's NoFo Episode 142... "Hello! Welcome to November Foxtrot Episode 142 where this episode we are chatting with Patrick from Land Navigation Challenge! We are going to be finding out more about basic navigation and how you can use it to your advantage during events!"

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