Replacing Your Hop-Up Unit & Inner Barrel


Grace Airsoft has this 27-minute video showing you how to replace the Hop-up and Inner Barrel for your AR-style AEG... "Grace explains in a very long, drawn out and unsure way, how to replace the hop up unit and barrel on an M4/M16 style Airsoft AEG rifle."

Evike NSRT: Best Tools For Airsoft Teching?


For episode 155 of's "Not So Round Table" Talk Show, Mat and George talk about the recommended tools for airsoft teching that budding airsoft gunsmiths can look into... "Matt & George sit down at the Not-So-Round-Table to discuss what are the best tools to have to be able to upgrade and repair your Airsoft guns.  Tune in for that and more on this episode of NSRT!"

The Wizardry of Airsoft Teching


It's about airsoft teching in episode 3 of Storm Riders' "Call Your Hits" series... "In this episode, Pat and Phil discuss the basics of airsoft tech work and why it's important for airsofters to have a basic understanding of what goes on under the hood."

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24 Jun 2021

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