Taktik Airsoft's Action Army T11 Review


Taktik Airsoft got the Action Army T11 bolt action sniper rifle in stock and they give their take on this rifle which uses what they call an improved version of the Tokyo Marui VSR-10 system... "The T11 is the newest sniper rifle from Action Army Company. Renowned in the airsoft community for their sniper rifle upgrade parts, Action Army has taken their expertise and experience and applied it to a complete rifle.

Fox Airsoft: ICS CXP-ARK AK & Action Army T11


It's a 2-in-1 video from Fox Airsoft as Tang gives an overview of the ICS CXP-ARK AK AEG and Action Army T11 Airsoft Sniper Rifle that they have available... "Today's video is going to highlight some unique airsoft guns brought to us by ASG. We'll be covering the ICS CXP-ARK AK style AEG and the Action Army T11 spring sniper rifle."

Swamp Sniper's Action Army T11 Gameplay


Is the Action Army T11 Airsoft Sniper Rifle worth it? The Swamp Sniper takes it to Ballahack Airsoft for a game to see how it performs... "Testing out the new Action Army T11 Airsoft Sniper rifle from ASG (Action Sport Games) at Ballahack Airsoft Field. This rifle is fully VSR-10 compatible.  I love stock blaster that you don't need to upgrade. However, this rifle just needs a more powerful spring if you want to use it at large fields and compete with rifles like the SSG-10 or SSG-24.

DTW Airsoft: Action Army T11 Sniper Rifle


A quick rundown on the Action Army T11 airsoft sniper rifle by DTW Airsoft... "A quick review of the action army company T11 (AAC T11) bolt action sniper rifle. looking at how the gun looks and performs on and off the range."

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