JG M16A4 High Speed SSG Build Overview


Mr. Airsoft shows how he put together this JG M16A4 High Speed SSG... "This video is an in-depth breakdown of my "cheapo" M16A4 high speed SSG build. I apologize if the audio at the end of the video turns out to be messed up (thanks Microsoft). If it is, I will upload a follow-up video of just that section, which should hopefully work without any issues.

I appreciate any and all feedback.

Thanks for watching."

AIMTOP M16A4 Marine-ENV AEG Review


Bе́rto Pratama takes a look at this M16A4 Marine-ENV AEG made by AIMTOP... "For older airsofters, this unit may be familiar, Yes! this is M16A4 from Aimtop Taiwan. This time I will review this unit again. This unit uses a battery-operated AEG system, the standard FPS of this unit is around 320-340, because the internals are quite good.

PPC Airsoft Tries The Double Bell M16A4 AEG


A very much affordable M16A4 AEG, the Double Bell M16A4 comes RIS equipped and it usually fires around 340fps right out of the box. It has a full metal construction, including the upgradeable Version 2 gearbox and comes with a 300 round high capacity magazine. It's available in Japan and PPC Airsoft takes a look at it if it is worth the money.

BadaBingPictures: GHK M16A4 GBBR


BadaBingPictures got another custom gas blowback in the form of the GHK M16A4 Gas Blowback Rifle. He used the G&P WA M5 RAS Front Set and the Model Works Airsoft M16A2 Stock for the Tokyo Marui M4 MWS GBB ... "Following the M16 build I did for the Tokyo Marui M4 MWS, I soon realised that these parts also fitted the GHK M4. And so, I present to you all the GHK M16A4 GBBR."

SCDTV: BOLT Airsoft M16A4 BRSS Review


The guys from SCDTV got another review for you and it's about one of the BRSS (Bolt Recoil Shock System) models in the line-up of BOLT Airsoft, thes M16A4 BRSS... "An M16 AEG with a proper kick? Only with a Bolt Airsoft M16A4 B.R.S.S. Check our review of this beauty."

Mach Sakai: BOLT M16A4 BRSS Review


It's the Bolt Airsoft M16A4 this time for Mach Sakai to review. The Bolt M16A4 has the BRSS Heavy of the Bolt Recoil Shock System Heavy version which of course means that this has a heavier recoil kick as compared to other Bolt BRSS EBBs. He finds the fire selector stiff to move but switching modes is smooth and that shooting the rifle with recoil is fun especially for airsoft skirmishes.

AMNB: Bolt M16A4 BRSS Heavy Review


The latest review at the Airsoft & Military News Blog covers the Bolt Airsoft M16A4 BRSS. John writes that... "The 3500g heavy Bolt M16A4 delivers around 382FPS and a rate of fire of roughly 700RPM with a 7.4V LiPo battery. The range and accuracy are very good even with the short barrel thanks to the great gearbox and the tight tolerances.

Bolt M16A4 BRSS Field Test Review


Here is the field test video of the Bolt Airsoft M16A4 BRSS AEG made by Replica Airguns of Canada as part of their review... "My first impressions with the Bolt M16A4 AEG Blowback Airsoft Rifle where not so good as it was miss feeding and miss firing terribly for me. A quick communication with BOLT Airsoft and I was informed that perhpas my BB choice was the wrong one.

Incoming! BOLT M16A4 B.R.S.S. Heavy


BOLT Airsoft announced that they will have a their BOLT M16A4 B.R.S.S. Heavy available to the airsofters soon... "B.R.S.S. Heavy is a new design for fixed stock models, with the new structure the recoil kicks to the shoulder stronger and more reality than B.R.S.S. models. B.R.S.S.

SCDTV's LCT Airsoft M16A4 AEG Review


The SCDTV crew got another AEG made by LCT Airsoft and for those who like their ARs long, they can check this LCT Airsoft M16A4 AEG... "Yeah! LCT's another great AR15 platform AEG! We've been testing it since August 2016 and we can say that it's one of the most reliable AEGs so far in a standard type 2 gearbox."

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