Lancer Tactical Gen 3 AEGs At Airsoft GI


What are the improvements done with these third generation AEGs from Lancer Tactical? Airsoft GI, which carry these AEGs, will try to find out in this video via Cisco... "Lancer Tactical has released a new line of AEGs dubbed the Gen3 series! With the Lancer Tactical Gen 2 series being a staple in airsoft, what did they do to improve? What changes did they make? Did Lancer Tactical listen to the airsoft community and make improvements?

What You Need To Know About Lancer Tactical


Fox Airsoft talks about Lancer Tactical and what it can offer to airsoft players... "On this video we're spotlighting Lancer Tactical. Lancer Tactical offers many things from airsoft guns to tactical gear, and much of those items are geared at being affordable making their stuff attractive to new players."

Lancer Tactical AEG Upgrade


The Real Deal Airsoft does an upgrade of a Lancer Tactical AEG and he says it's a CQB beast... "This is a special build for my very First Sponsored Athlete NYI.Fajita, he’s a great dude and is the creator of the Beast Coast Open which is an airsoft Tournament which I will be a sponsor for as well. great dude mad funny check him out!

In this video you will learn about DC motors, why i choose a certain motor for a certain result. We will discuss TPA and speed vs Torque.

Patrol Base Lancer Tactical Livestream


Livestream held by Patrol Base last month shows the Lancer Tactical airsoft guns that they have in stock. These are usually affordable AEGs that beginners and budget-conscious airsoft players can consider when looking for a new AEG... "In this video we sit down with the Lancer Tactical Livestream and answer all your questions about upgrades and parts."

Enforcer Night Wing Alpha Skeleton AEG Review


A sleek AEG from Lancer Tactical, the Salty Old Gamer goes over the Enforcer Night Wing Alpha Skeleton that is available at airsoft retailers in the U.S... "We're checking out this extremely stylized, highly skeletonized, lightening maximized, Lancer Tactical Enforcer Night Wing Alpha Skeleton airsoft aeg. It's an amazing looking airsoft aeg with tons of sexy styling on the outside, and premium upgrades on the inside. Is it worth the mid tier price? Stay tuned to find out."

Lancer Tactical MK18 Mod0 As Best Starter Airsoft Gun


As we always say, everyone has an opinion on which is the best beginner's airsoft gun. In the case of the Salty Old Gamer, it's the Lancer Tactical MK18 Mod0... "The Lancer Tactical MK18 MOD 0 Gen 2 has lots of non-starter goodies packed into its starter price. This could be the best starter airsoft gun out there right now. Check it out and decide for yourself."

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