Airsoft GI Roast My Build Ep. 3


What's Cisco gonna roast this time? Watch the video from Airsoft GI... "Roast My Build Episode 3 is here! You have submitted your builds and we roasted them! Cisco has lost more of his mind during the quarantine and we are doing a great job making sure that he loses his mind completely!"

Airsoft GI's "Roast My Build!" Episode 2


It's time for Cisco to brutalise some custom builds in the second episode of the "Roast My Build" series from Airsoft GI... "I just want to say thank you all for showing love and watching the first episode of our 'Roast My Build' series! You guys loved it so much and flooded out Instagram with your own submissions that we have to keep it going! Thank you all for your support and we hope to keep you entertained during these trying times. Love y'all!


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