Kraken Airsoft With The Perun Clicker


Kraken Airsoft realised that he needs the Perun Clicker. How about you? The Perun Clicker for V2 Hybrid MOSFET is a great way to add a more realistic trigger feel to your airsoft gun. It creates a crisp and tactile "trigger break" that is similar to the feeling of a real firearm. The weight of the break is adjustable, so you can customize it to your own preferences.

Kraken Airsoft: Why You Need Your Firearms Licence


This is probably for Canadian airsoft players but it can also be applicable to everyone. With government attempts at regulating or even banning airsoft and limiting use of firearms and replica firearms to licensed ones, you might want to think of getting such. It's also for those who do real steel shooting or hunting. It's optional but for those who want some peace of mind and covering all bases to just maintain the hobby, it can be a good option. Kraken Airsoft explains why.

Kraken Airsoft's Loadout 2023


Kraken Airsoft shows his loadout for the year. If you are putting a new one, you might want to pay attention as you may want to adopt his kit list such as a respirator, helmet, belt, balaclava, and plate carrier... "Today we take a look at my M81 woodland themed airsoft loadout! Let me know what you think about my 2023."

Is The EMG Helios UDP-9 The ARP9 Killer?


Amongst the PCC AEGs in the market, the G&G ARP9, which is now on its third iteration, rules the roost. Will the EMG Helios UDP-9 AEG be its tough challenger? Or do you think there are other better PCC AEGs that give the ARP9 a run for its money? Kraken Airsoft tries the EMG Helios UDP-9 which can be found at and other retailers.

Kraken Airsoft: Unique Airsoft Loadout 2.0


Kraken Airsoft features another airsoft loadout from NF Strike... "Today we take a look at some unique airsoft loadout offerings from NF Strike! If your loadout needs some new pieces this video is for you! They are the one stop shop to get your loadout looking great!"

Face Protection From Cygnus Armory


Kraken Airsoft got some positive things about this face protection from Cygnus Armory and we recommend you learn more if it is something you want to bring to field as part of your protective gear... "Today we take a look at some awesome face protection solutions from Cygnus armory! Super comfortable and breathable mesh masks that fit right into any loadout!"

Unique Airsoft Loadouts From NFStrike


Kraken Airsoft shows  airsoft loadouts from NFStrike. The company has unique loadouts for airsoft players who want to look different in the field... "Today we take a look at some unique airsoft loadout offerings from NF Strike! I think your loadout needs some new pieces this video is for you!

Kraken Airsoft's Budget Belt Setup


Looking for ways to save on your money when putting together a loadou? Kraken Airsoft shows his budget belt setup so you can consider shaving costs in that area... "Today we take a look at some budget belt accessories, from K tactical! Really enjoyed checking all these products out!"'

Airsoft CQB Gameplay at Siege Airsoft Toronto


Kraken Airsoft got this nice gameplay footage of tthe CQB action at Siege Airsoft located in Toronto... "Today we head back to Siege Airsoft to capture some game play from the day and help celebrate the 7th year anniversary of Siege Airsoft opening! Love this field so much! Can't wait for next year! Today I continued to use my Tokyo Marui MWS GBBR, wow I love this things so much! Defiently my favorite airsoft gun to date!"

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