BO Manufacture Mosin Nagant M44 Review


Neo035 looks to the East this time for something used in World War II for a review and he finds the BO Manufacture Nagant M44. This airsoft Co2 rifle is based on the model M44 is that were used by the Russian infantry during the Second World War. This is comes equipped with a bayonet which is a fiberglass dummy and hyper realistic. This model is manufactured by Wingun in Taiwan according to the specifications of BO Manufacture. It has Weathered metal parts to give it a vintage look with dark wood faux wood and a Mosin Nagant strap included.

RWTV: Gun Heaven Mosin Nagant


Marck West takes a look at the airsoft Mosin Nagant made by Gun Heaven that is available right now at RedWolf Airsoft for this RWTV episode... "The Mosin Nagant has somewhat of a cult following as it is a widely used, easy to come by, bolt action rifle in the real steel world.

Booligan: Mosin Nagant Shorty Build Test


Another video on Booligan Airsoft's custom Mosin Nagant project as he brings it out to the field for some test shots... "My 1926 Hex Receiver Mosin Nagant was a bit too long for my tastes, so I had it shortened to 16.5in and threaded for a .308 muzzle device. In this case, running a dual chamber muzzle brake."

Booligan's Mosin Nagant Build Update


Trogdor Lives! That is according to Booligan Airsoft as he gives everyone an update on this Mosin Nagant Build in this video... "This is a bit of a long one, but I have a lot of stuff to cover on my Mosin build. It's just about done and ready to breathe some fire, and burninate the peasants."

WW1 & WW2 Mosin Nagant Mud Test


InRange TV are doing a series of Mud Tests of period guns and for this episode they test the Mosin Nagant Rifles... "The Russian 1891 Mosin-Nagant served through two world wars and often neglected eastern front trenches of WW1 were just as horrific and mud filled as those on the Western front.

Mosin Nagant: Airsoft Versus Real Deal


Now this is interesting, we have Neo035, the French reviewer who reviews period airsoft guns, especially World War II airsoft guns. In this review, he tags along another famous French airsoft dude, Khan Seb, who shows up in his own WW2 Soviet Uniform as both of them go over the Mosin Nagant rifle versions --- airsoft and the real one.

ASGI: Red Fire Mosin Nagant Model 1891


Bob the Axeman grabs a classic rifle that traces its roots to the late time of the Tsar and reviews it for this Airsoft GI video... "Early in the 20th century, the Russians developed the Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle, and used it to devastating effect. It is still shot today, due to its reliability and sturdiness. Now, for anyone looking to get an airsoft replica, there is an airsoft sniper rifle in either spring or gas from Red Fire. With authentic wood and steel bolts, the gun is a great looking piece.

Redfire Airsoft New & Upcoming Releases


A young airsoft brand based in Hong Kong, Redfire Airsoft have announced the availability of their own Mosin Nagant Model 1891/30 airsoft sniper rifle. This will come in two models, a gas version and a spring system. Interested dealers and users can contact them at their website with regards to pricing, shipping, and availability.

More details below of this rifle and their upcoming products:

KSC AK74M, ST Mosin Nagant & Kar98K


New items at Tiger111HK as announced are the KSC AK74M gas blowback rifle, the new S&T Mosin Nagant and Kar98k which seem to have real wood bodies and something for collectors to grab immediately as these are affordable ones. Also, they have a Name that Gun contest ongoing at their Facebook page and you get a 10% Coupon Code. More details below:

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