Redline N7 Milsim Equipped SIG Air MCX


Callsign Dad shows in this brief video his SIG Air MCX that uses the Redline N7 Milsim HPA unit. The Redline N7 Milsim Gen-2 is an improved, fully mechanical HPA engine offering consistent performance and easy setup. With a crisp trigger, true closed bolt design, and internal air chamber, it delivers accurate shots and eliminates the need for batteries or complex tuning.

Gun Gamers Geeking Out About The SIG Air ProForce MCX AEG


Eric talks about his experience with his problematic SIG Air ProForce MCX AEG in this episode of the Gun Gamers... "You ever like a gun a lot despite it having tons of problems?  That’s the theme of today’s video as Eric discusses his experience with the Sig ProForce MCX Virtus AEG.

Thank you to D-RZ Airsoft for providing some of the footage used in this video."

Kracken 1911's Sig Air ProForce M17 Review


Kracern 1911 is the latest to review the Sig Air ProForce M17 gas blowback pistol that is made by VFC. The ProForce P320 M17 is a high-quality, 200mm replica pistol, constructed from a blend of polymer and metal alloy. It operates in single-fire mode, powered by gas with a working blowback system that mimics the real firearm action. The gun, weighing approximately 760g, uses a 21-round detachable magazine.

SIG Air ProForce M18 GBB Pistol Review


Liquid GnarGnar gives his take on the compact version of the M17 GBB, the SIG Air ProForce M18 GBB Pistol... "This is the airsoft gas blowback SIG M18 from SIG themselves and… it’s another gas blowback pistol. This is my review of the pistol overall.  Thank you all for the support and I plan on making more videos and reviews and sharing more hobbies and passions and hoping to grow a positive outlook on all hobbies but helping grow airsoft is my first priority."

Begadi NPAS in VFC/SIG Air ProForce M17/M18?


Ice K tries the Begadi NPAS if they can fit the SIG M17 and M18 GBB pistols made by VFC. The Begadi NPAS (Negative Pressure Adjustment System) is designed to decrease energy in GBB weapons, thereby enhancing gas efficiency and reducing cooldown susceptibility. It comprises a two-piece stainless steel valve, PTFE discs for adjusting energy, and a CNC-manufactured 7075 aluminum backplate.

X-Bone Custom SIG Air MPX-K


In the January 2024 issue of Peace Combat Magazine, they feature the customised SIG Air MPX-K as done by X-Bone... "X-Bone Airsoft is proud to present its Custom Gun Gallery, featuring the SIG AIR MPX-K. This time around, the ultra-light and compact SIG AIR MPX-K has undergone customization by X-Bone Airsoft, a company renowned for its 50m headshot tune.

AMNB: SIG MCX Lightsaber


Something to perk up your day as the Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB) got some photos that you can drool over... "The very first time I looked at this MCX build I was like; that’s potentially what the Space Force is looking for right”! I mean, the Hyda Mount with the MAWL mounted to it off set looks kinda outa space to me. Don’t you think so?

SIG Air ProForce M17 CO2 GBB Disassembly


Laylax got a howto video to help owners of the SIG Air ProForce M17 GBB Pistol owners to take apart the pistol for repairs and maintenance... "Introducing a video showing an example of the disassembly procedure for the CO2 gas gun "M17", which allows you to enjoy strong recoil and play even on cold days. Please use this as a reference for maintenance and customization."

SIG Air ProForce M17 CO2 GBB At Laylax


When it's getting colder, you would prefer more consistent performance with a CO2 blowback. Laylax got what you need, a CO2 blowback version of the SIG Sauer ProForce M17 airsoft pistol... "SIG AIR has released a long-awaited model upgrade of the U.S. military-style pistol M17, which complies with Japanese regulations and features a unique inner frame structure, polymer slide, long CO2 magazine, and Picatinny under rail. It is also JASG certified."

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