Real Reason Why The M17 Was Adopted By The US Army?


The Laylax crew talk about why the SIG Sauer P320 was adopted as the official M17 handgun of the U.S. Army... "Will the U.S. Army's firearms be repainted with SIG SAUER?! About the American firearms manufacturer "SIG SAUER," which produced the handgun M17, assault rifle XM5, and LMG (light machine gun) XM250, which the U.S. Army officially decided to adopt, and SIG What is the correct English pronunciation of SAUER? How do you remember? I'm going to introduce you to the small story that said!"

Laylax SIG Air ProForce MCX VIRTUS SBR Ultra Long Handguard "BALMUNK"


Want to have a longer handguard for your SIG Air ProForce MCX VIRTUS SBR AEG? Here is a limited edition SIG Air ProForce MCX VIRTUS SBR Ultra Long Handguard "BALMUNK" from Laylax. Just remember that installing will result in the AEG not being classified as an SBR, right? Learn more... "A set of long hand guard, outer barrel, and barrel supporter that can be attached to SIG AIR MCX. A limited quantity with different serial numbers!

Geonox Airsoft: SIG Air ProForce MCX Virtus


Geonox Airsoft gets his turn to review the SIG Air ProForce MCX Virtus AEG, the German-spec one so it is an S-AEG... "The MCX Virtus is a SAEG (Semi Automatic Electric Gun), i.e. battery-powered. Semi because over 0.5J only single fire here in Germany. The MCX has a Real Steel model and the Reel Steel model is also very popular.

eHobby Asia: Sig Air ProForce MPX AEG


In stock now at the eHobby Asia online store is the Sig Air ProForce MPX AEG made by VFC... "The SIG MPX is a gas-operated submachine gun designed and manufactured by SIG Sauer, and is primarily chambered in 9?19mm Parabellum cartridge. It is a gas-operated firearm featuring a closed, rotating bolt. These design features, rare in submachine guns, were chosen to enhance the safety of the user and to have a more reliable firearm.

AMNB Overview: MCX SUR300/SRD762 Kit & More


Spruce up your SIG Air ProForce MCX Virtus AEG with kits and accessories from Airsoft Artisan. Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB) put together the kit to come up with this nice looking primary... "If you’re an SIG AIR MCX VIRTUS owner, you know that the possibilities of customizing your beloved boomstick are nearly endless! The MCX has for sure some taste to it but the aftermarket parts can do much for a new and custom “SIG” look right!

Geonox Airsoft: Sig Air Proforce MCX Virtus HPA


Geonox Airsoft reviews the Sig Air Proforce MCX Virtus HPA that comes with a 1,000EUR price tag... "In this video we look at the Sig Sauer Proforce MCX Virtus HPA. HPA stands for High Pressure Air. The MCX Virtus has a nice, wide, aggressive handguard. That combined with the chic PDW stick is an eye-catcher. Inside is a Wolverine Inferno Gen 2 Spartan Engine."

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