Evike.com's Airsofters in Isolation Episode 1


Not a "Not So Round Table" Talk Show from Evike.com, but something for airsofters to be on the look out as we #stayathome and do our part in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. In episode 1 of "Airsofters in Isolation" they have as special guest Dave Baks of Airsoft Obsessed... "We're always here to keep you in the loop of all things Airsoft; especially during a time of uncertainty. But don't worry! Matt, George and special guest Dave is here to talk about the current situation and answer some questions!"

The TrueMobster's The Lockdown Survival Guide


Find out tips whilst trying the survive the Lockdown in effect from the TrueMobster YouTube Channel and be entertained at the same time. Got any tips? We're more than happy to hear from you... "The Lockdown Survival Guide - During the COVID 19 coronavirus quarantine lockdown, I will show you how to survive in these scary times, follow these steps!"

Gunfire Airsoft Isolation Episode 2


Leszek of Gunfire is back as he gives tips for airsoft players who are stuck at home during the pandemic... "Another episode of dry fire drills with Leszek! This time we will show you how to improve the precision of your trigger work and use of sights! Remember to wear safety glasses and empty the magazine. The isolation may take a while, so it will be difficult to survive without a TV!"

Curbside Pickup Available At Airsoft Extreme


Airsoft Extreme is open for business but as they exercise caution for the safety of everyone, they are offering curbside pickups for those who prefer this method and they have limited opening hours, from 12noon to 4pm... "Airsoft Extreme is making curbside pickup available for customers picking up their finished gun work and online orders. Call ahead to the store and let them know you are coming.

Task Force Podcast Ep 6: "You Dont Need TP"


Well, that's a catchy title for episode 6 of the Task Force Podcast series as they air during the Covid-19 pandemic... "Welcome to another episode of Task Force Podcast. In this episode we talk about night vision, how the airsoft community will handle this COVID pandemic, and why there is no toilet paper. So relax, remove that mask, and join us for this episode. Thank you guys for all the love and support. We want every single one of you to stay safe and stay healthy!"

RedWolf Airsoft Covid-19 Update


Whilst we can be impatient sometimes in the delivery of items we ordered online, in these times, airsoft retailers and manufacturers around the world are asking for more patience as shipments and deliveries will take longer as the world grapples with the Covid-19 pandemic. The RedWolf Airsoft team are also asking for you understand as they work hard to ensure that what you order gets to you.

Gunfire: Airsoft Isolation Part 1


Hone up on your airsoft skills whilst doing "social distancing" which means being holed up at home. Leszek is very much helpful today and he wants you to get back to basics first in this video from Gunfire... "Leszek presents dry fire practice which is very useful on airsoft battleground. Let's start with the basics - trigger and gun control. Watch, learn, and train. Be prepared for the season!

If you have any ideas for the next episodes with exercises that Leszek can do in a house, let us know."

Military 1st Coronavirus Update


If you are worried that you might be unable to order an airsoft gun, part, or tactical gear, please take heart that most, if not all, of the known retailers catering to the airsoft market have moved 100% of their operations online. This means that you cannot drop by their bricks and mortar stores to shop but everything will be via their online store. This is a precaution they have taken to protect you and their staff during the Covid-19 pandemic whilst minimising disruptions to their operations.

Gunfire Donates Safety Glasses To Local Hospital


As we reiterate our appeal for airsofters and airsoft companies around the world to step and contribute in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic by donating eye protection and whateve the frontliners need around the world, Gunfire has moved quickly and donating a package of safety glasses to a local hospital in Poland.

If there are others who have already done so, please drop us a message so we can acknowledge your contribution and generosity.

Here is what Gunfire said about their donation:

Ballahack Airsoft Shuts Doors For Two Weeks


One of the more famous airsoft fields in the U.S. East Coast, Ballahack Airsoft, announced four days ago that they are closed for business for two weeks. By now you should know the reason why and we do our part in bringing the situation under control... "Ballahack CLOSES for two weeks due to legal mandate and to prevent spread. Please watch the full video. We love you all!"

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