DTW Airsoft On The Ares L85 AFV With SUSAT


Available for years now, the ARES L85 AFV is equipped with a SUSAT and compact enough that makes it ideal for CQB. DTW Airsoft takes a look at this AEG... "The baby of the L85 family. The Ares L85 AFV is designed for tank crews and close compact areas. The bullpup design makes it ideal for both CQB and woodland airsoft games."

DTW Airsoft On The Ares WA2000 2020 Version


Ares Airsoft updates the WA2000 airsoft sniper rifle this year and DTW Airsoft goes over one to find out if improvements are noticeable... "This time we are looking at Ares WA2000 re-released for 2020. This iconic sniper will be turning heads on and off the airsoft field."

Ares APC9 AEG Review


If you are confused if the APC9 AEG in the market is made by Arrow Arms (or Arrow Dynamics) or by Ares Airsoft, we don't blame you as this AEG uses the Ares Airsoft EFCS. A compact AEG that should be good for CQB games or as a backup, it is now available at airsoft retailers in the UK. DTW Airsoft takes a look at this AEG... "This time we are looking at the Ares APC9 airsoft SMG. A small and compact airsoft gun  perfect for CQB games."

DTW Airsoft: Action Army T11 Sniper Rifle


A quick rundown on the Action Army T11 airsoft sniper rifle by DTW Airsoft... "A quick review of the action army company T11 (AAC T11) bolt action sniper rifle. looking at how the gun looks and performs on and off the range."

DTW Airsoft With The HFC MK23 NBB Pistol


Whilst the Tokyo Marui SOCOM MK23 NBB is the standard for the MK23 NBB pistols that airsoft players love for being stealthy, there are other companies which have produced their own versions. One is the HFC MK23 and DTW Airsoft takes a look at this pistol if it's up to par with the Marui one... "This time we are reviewing the HFC MK23 silent airsoft pistol. This pistol is loved by many airsoft snipers due to how quiet it is."

How To Stop Eyepro From Fogging Up


Always a problem for airsoft players as eye protection that keeps fogging up can ruin their day, DTW Airsoft gives some tips that players may want to consider in preventing it... "How many times do you have your glasses steam up or your goggles fog?

We have a look at what you can use to stop your airsoft glasses fogging up when playing. looking at everything from anti fog products to everyday items you can use."

Nuprol Romeo Bravo AEG Review


DTW Airsoft reviews the Nuprol Romeo Bravo AEG, an AK AEG that has been given a more mordern look with an AR-style stock and rail system to easily mount weapons accessories... "We take a look at another Nuprol airsoft gun and this time its an AK. The full metal Romeo Bravo is an AK that packs a punch with all the little extras included in the gun.

DTW Airsoft On The LCT VSS Vintorez


DTW Airsoft gives his take on the airsoft version of the VSS Vintorez made by LCT Airsoft... "On this airsoft review we take a look at the LCT VSS Vintorez aeg. Looking at the externals and internals of this airsoft gun before taking it onto the range to find out the FPS and accuracy. Could this be a good base gun for an airsoft DMR?"

Nuprol Vorsk Glock EU17 & 18


Nuprol got another Vorks pistol offering in the form of the Glock-style EU17 and EU18. DTW Airsoft takes a look at these in this video... "We look at Nuprols latest release of the Vorsk  gas blowback Glock range including the EU 17 and 18. We take a look at whats in the box and the gun its self before taking it onto the range and seeing what it can do in our tests."

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