KLI 1911 Gas Blowback Pistol Review


Nico Joule Airsoft takes a look at another 1911 GBB Pistol, this time from the KLI brand... "I would like to introduce you to my next airsoft review, which is about the "KLI 1911" airsoft pistol, as a gas blow-back version, operated with gas. The pistol is also made of full metal."

KLI Dual Power Hi-Capa At Airsoft GI


A comprehensive look at the KLI Dual Power Hi-Capa airsoft pistols that are carried by Airsoft GI... "KLI has updated their Hi-Capa line with their Dual Power System! This means you can use both Green Gas and CO2 on these gas blowback airsoft pistols! KLI built these to be the hardest kicking pistols in airsoft! Can they back up this claim? Cisco is here to find out!"

KLI Baba Yaga vs TTI Combat Masters


A comparison is done by Cisco and Isaias of Airsoft GI on the KLI Baba Yaga GBB pistol against the STI/TTI Combat Masters from EMG and JAG Arms in this video... "Cisco and Isaias take a look at and compare the KLI Baba Yaga, JAG Arms TTI Combat Master, EMG TTI Combat Master! Check out what they have to say!"

KLI Baba Yaga 1911 Hi-Capa CO2 Test


Baba Yaga, which is the what the Russians call John Wick, though the Russians in the real world say it is wrong as it really means a supernatural in the form of a "ferocious-looking old woman" which John Wick is not. Nevertheless, it looks like Baba Yaga is now being used in airsoft with the KLI Baba Yaga Hi-Capa Pistol available at Airsoft GI. Cisco checks it out further on how it performs... "Cisco gives us a first impression of the production model KLI Baba Yaga 1911 Hi-Capa!

Airsoft GI: KLI Hi-Capa GBB Overview


Aaron shows the KLI Hi-Capa Gas and CO2 Blowback Pistols that are available at Airsoft GI... "KLI is an airsoft manufacturer based out of Taiwan. They are famous for a variety of OEM projects in the airsoft world. The Baba Yaga 1911 Hi-Capa Series is the next tactical beast to hit the market! With the durable full metal frame and slide, this pistol can take a beating! The stippled texture will give you a perfect grip without wearing gloves.

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