Army Ranger On How To Win A Gunfight


Garand Thumb got a special guest in this episode and it is Garrett of Kagwerks. Kagwerks is a company that is veteran owned and the make cases, gear, and weapons accessories. Garrett is a former Army Ranger and the topic is a good one as it is about winning a gunfight so watch and listen carefully.

COD Modern Warfare GULAG Airsoft Gunfight


Sniper Jaco posted a video of an airsoft COD MW Gunfight with famous airsoft YouTubers NamesNicco and TrueMobster... "Im Joined With NamesNicco And TrueMobster To Bring You The Craziest Video, Based Off The Real Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Gulag!

We're at RedAlertPaintball for the day to film the craziest content for your faces. And playing games based off famous Call Of Duty gamemodes!"

SpeedQB 2v2 Gunfight Invitationals Summer Season 2020


SpeedQB got an 2v2 invitational tournament this summer and the winners get to go to Europe for the Global finals in November... "Champion wins a trip to the 2020 SpeedQB Global Invitationals at Realstrike Arena Helenaveen, The Netherlands - November 19-22, 2020 (Round-trip travel and entry - up to five players per team)

T.Rex Ams: Modern Warfare Gunfight Mode


Lucas Botkin of T.Rex Arms tries the COD Modern Warfare Gunfight Mode with real guns, and thankfully his opponents are not realy human targets. This game mode will require fast movement, quick thinking, and lots of practice to dominate when the game gets released this year... "T.REX ARMS CEO Lucas 'AimBotkin' shows what's up with Modern Warfare's new Gunfight Training mode... with real guns of course."

How To React In A Gunfight


Max Velocity Tactical explains the RTR Drill and the importance of reacting effectively in a firefight... "It is vital to understand how to react to effective enemy fire. Those first few moments under fire can make all the difference between life or death. This video cuts through the nonsense and provides tactical context to what combat veterans know - how to react to enemy fire, how to train to blow through the possible freezes, and how to best stack the odds for survival.

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