How To Remove The KWA PTS EPS Stock


Another special request from a viewer for Pheas Airsoft so watch him demonstrate how to remove the KWA PTS Syndicate EPS Stock... "Following a quick request, here is a very short video on how to remove the EPS stock from a KWA airsoft aeg. This will also work for general airsoft AR variants of stocks."

Arcturus AK-12 Unboxing & Overview By Pheas Airsoft


Another look at the new Arcturus AK-12 AEG in this live unboxing video (recorded) by Pheas Airsoft. An option for airsoft players looking for an alternative to the AK-12 AEG from LCT Airsoft... "The guys over at Taiwan Gun have sent me a brand new out Arcturus AT-AK12 to unbox. So we decided to do it live. The whole parcel will be unboxed live and we don't have a clue what's going to be in there, other than the ak12.

Swapping Sides With The KWA Ambidextrous Selector Flip


Pheas Airsoft shows you how to swap sides for the KWA Ambidextrous Selector Flip... "Following a request, here is a short video to show how to change the selectors over from one side to the other....... Why you ask? Because they are different sizes and lefties who want to use it will enjoy / want to use the longer selector from the left side of the reciever instead of the shorter one that's on the right."

DE M904G Muzzle Brake Removal & Suppressor Fitting


Continuing with requests on how to configure the Double Eagle M904G AEG, Pheas Airsoft shows how to  remove the Muzzle Brake and be able to install a suppressor... "Following several requests, and battling to find the time, I did a quick video to show to remove the muzzle break on the lovely DE M904G."

DE M904G Rail/Handguard Removal Howto


Pheas Airsoft shows how to remove the railed handguard of the Double Eagle M904G AEG. This has the Falcon Fire Control System and comes with Tamiya/Deans connector adapter which should make players who use the T-Plug happy... "Following a request from a few people and struggling to find the time, finally got the chance to do a quick video about removing the rail unit on the rather lovely M904G."

Custom "The Division 2" TK45C AEG


Pheas Airsoft shows a custom KWA TK45C AEG that has been given the Tom Clancy's "The Division 2" paintjob... "Hi guys, today we get to show off the currently believed one of a kind TK45C painted up as a Division 2 weapon. This was done by Chris at Geartech Customs for JTAC Customs. We were so greatful to be able to borrow it for a couple of hours to just sit and look at lovingly.

What do you think?"

Disconnecting A CM.506 Wiring For Stock Replacement


Another special request by a viewer to Pheas Airsoft to get assistance on how replace the stock of the CYMA CM.506 AEG... "This is a requested video to show how to disconnect the wires on a CM.506 so that the stock can be fully removed and replaced.

I show how to remove it without any disconnection and how to further remove the connectors so the end of the wiring is removed."

WELL MB03A VSR Clone Unboxing


Pheas Airsoft does an unboxing and quick overview of the WELL MB03A, a clone of the Marui VSR-10 airsoft sniper rifle. Based on the Remington 700 rifle, the package comes with three 25BB round magazines and a speed loader... "Here we have the third unboxing taken from the recent May Taiwan Gun order unboxing.

This time it's the Well MB03A VSR Clone budget sniper rifle."

Pheas Airsoft: CYMA CM.515 Budget AR AEG


Pheas Airsoft Unboxes the CYMA CM.515, an affordable AEG that can be considered by beginners just making the baby steps in purchasing their first airsoft guns. Available at Taiwan Gun, here is the description from the Poland-based airsoft retailer... "Replica of a new series of low-budget rifles one of the most popular Chinese manufacturers in the world - CYMA.

Pheas Airsoft: Double Eagle DE M904 Motor Change


By special request, Pheas Airsoft does a video showing you how to change the motor of the Double Eagle DE M904 AEG... "This is  requested video to show how to change the motor in a Double Eagle M904G variant, but the same applies to all of the variants."

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