Pheas Airsoft's Perun AUG MOSFET Unboxing


Perun Airsoft has already released a MOSFET for use with Steyr Aug AEGs and Pheas Airsoft got one to try. If you want to try it, watch the video for the installation... "Many thanks to Perun for  sending me this out to install, the install is not for the faint of heart, but what a difference it can make!

Check out the installation video link below."

Pheas Airsoft's KWA EVE 4 ICE Unboxing


The KWA EVE 4 ICE is now in Europe and Pheas Airsoft got one to unbox for this episode... "In this video, I finally got the time to unbox this absolute beauty from KWA and hopefully do it proud! After they changed to polymer externals I wasnt sure what to expect,  but this has blown me away at how well it performs out the box! "

Pheas Airsoft's Guide To E&C 416A5 Geissele CTR Disassembly


For owners of the E&C 416A5 Geissele CTR Full Metal AEG here is a guide from Pheas Airsoft on how to dismantle the AEG for maintenance and repairs... "Many thanks once again to Casual Cookie for letting me unbox and then disassemble this E&C 415A5 Geissele CTR Full Metal.

I was impressed to start with, but certain elements of it bothered me, but come check out how you do a disassembly to help with repairs and maintenance. "

E&C 416A5 Geissele CTR Full Metal


Pheas Airsoft does an unboxing of the E&C 416A5 Geissele CTR Full Metal and checks how it holds up... "Many thanks to Casual Cookie who let me unbox this his brand new E&C 416A5 Geissele CTR Full Metal. After seeing the Patriot model from E&C I was excited to see how this one came out.

So, come check it out and see how I got on in my unboxing of it."

E&C Strike Patriot PDW AEG Unboxing


Compact, with M-Lok rails, and PDW stock, this is a good looking E&C Strike Patriot PDW AEG that got unboxed by Pheas Airsoft... "In this video its the first ever time I get my hands on an E&C of any sort. Come and check out how I got on and what I thought to them and their renown build quality!"

OneTigris Tactical Chest Rig Unboxing


We're seeing a deluge of OneTigris gear reviews these days, and Pheas Airsoft also gets to check out one, unboxing the OneTigris Tactical Chest Rig... "Many thanks to OneTigris for sending me this chest Rig over to unbox and check out. I unboxed and got time to test out this chest rig to find out and realise just how much I have been missing out on by not running a chest rig for years."

OneTigris Padded Patrol Belt Unboxing


Pheas Airsoft gets to give his initial impressions on the OneTigris Padded Patrol Belt in this unboxing video... "Many thanks to OneTigris for sending me this padded patrol belt, I took the time to unbox it, then went out and played a day using it and then came back to give you my thoughts.

Come check out what I thought and make sure to see through to the tactical reloads.... which were totally not filmed by Pheas Jr randomly one evening... Honest."

Pheas Airsoft Unboxes The Acetech Blaster Tracer Unit


Pheas Airsoft does an unboxing and overview video of the Acetech Blaster Tracer Unit which he finds fun to use... "Many many thanks once again to Acetech for sending me this Blaster tracer unit (and the Brighter C too) to unbox and review!

I thoroughly enjoyed myself using this with the DE P80 and the KWA eve4 ICE."

Issue Galore With The Jing Gong JG109 T3 MC51 AEG


Pheas Airsoft found issues with the Jing Gong JG109 T3 MC51 AEG, a compact G3-style AEG in this unboxing video... "In this video I finally got around to unboxing my birthday present from the wife... my birthday is Feb, I didnt get to unbox this until end of April!"

Pheas Airsoft's ASG CZ 805 BREN A1 Unboxing


Pheas Airsoft finally gets his hands on the ASG CZ 805 BREN A1 AEG. A fully licensed AEG, this has been available for some years now... "In this video, many thanks to Danarama on my Discord, I am unboxing the ASG CZ 805 BREN A1. This is a little bit different and by the start of filming it had really grown on me!

No disassembly for this one unfortunately!"

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