Airsoft Innovations 40 Mike & Master Mike 40mm Shells


Mokei Paddock goes over two of the more recent offerings from Airsoft Innovations, the 40 Mike and the Master Mike 40mm shells. These have the Quantum Drive Technology but what are the differences? Watch the video to find out and determine which one meets your needs.

Salty Old Gamer: AI Master Mike


The Salty Old Gamer reviews the Master Mike airsoft grenade from Airsoft Innovations... "The successor to the often banned 40 Mike, we're having a close look at the Airsoft Innovations Master Mike. We're going to see how this 40mm airsoft grenade feels, and compare it to a regular airsoft shower shell. If you've ever thought about adding the Master Mike to your airsoft arsenal, you don't want to miss this."

AI Master Mike 40mm Review


What does L'Antre du Dingo think of the Master Mike, Airsoft Innovations follow-up product to the 40 Mike airsoft gas shell grenade with the Quantum Engine? Watch the video review (in French)... "Redwolf Airsoft sent me a Master Mike so I could test it. It is the lil' brother of the 40 Mike and this time you'll be able to clean an entire room with it! Let's have a look..."

Airsoft Nation's AI Master Mike Review


Graham Hoffman of Airsoft Nation gives his take on the latest in the line of 40mm Gas Shell Grenades from Airsoft Innovations, the Master Mike... "Finally, we have the Airsoft Innovations Master Mike Review. This Airsoft Grenade is Airsoft Innovation's latest release following the 40 Mike in 2018.

It offers a greater spread, with less BBs and less power to make for a more comfortable shower grenade." AI Master Mike 40mm Grenade


We get a closer look at the Master Mike 40mm Grenade from Airsoft Innovations with this of Sweden video taken from their SHOT Show 2019 booth... "The canadian company Airsoft Innovations showed their new airsoft grenade Master Mike at SHOT Show 2019."

Airsoft Innovations New Master Mike


Following in the footsteps of the controversial 40 Mike 40mm Gas Grenade Shell, Airsoft Innovations announce the Master Mike and it will be on display at the SHOT Show 2019... "We've been showing off the exciting NEW Master Mike 40mm shell at ShotShow 2019 and now you too can see what it's all about!

Visit us at the Valken booth #3826 to see it in the flesh!"

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